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    Be the Boss: Travel Without These 8 Annoying Hotel Restrictions

    Travel Without Annoying Hotel Restrictions
    Travel Without Annoying Hotel Restrictions

    You’ve saved money all year to take your family on a great vacation, and you’ve searched for the perfect hotel… and while you may find all these tips for great hotel staying, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be awesome.

    What you don’t realize is the number of restrictions hotels impose on their guests. So without further ado, these are eight of the most annoying hotel restrictions.

    Rewards and Blackouts

    Many hotels offer incentives for guests, such as staying three nights earns you an additional night free. What they don’t tell you is that the fine print might include a host of restrictions including only being able to use the extra night if it’s not in one of their many blackout periods. Forget using your extra night on a weekend, holiday or other special occasion.

    Resort Fees

    Resort fees are now commonplace among the big chain hotels. They might include a bevy of perks including local phone calls, Internet, parking and more. The argument is, of course, that these things ought to be included in the room rate. Having to pay these absurd fees add an increased level of financial burden to the traveler.

    Visitors of Guests

    Many hotels have restrictions in place that restrict guests from inviting visitors into their hotel room. Enforcing visitors to remain in public areas of the hotel is a level of policing that many guests aren’t comfortable with.


    For smokers, the level of restrictions around smoking can border on the absurd, especially considering that some properties are entirely smoke free.

    Limiting where you can smoke may be for the benefit of non-smokers, but smokers shouldn’t have to step outside of the building just for a few quick puffs.

    Check In, Check Out

    Check in and out policies and their restrictions at some hotels are just downright ridiculous.

    They have no problem making you wait to get into your room, but should you be a few minutes late checking out they can slap an additional fee onto your room bill.

    Business Services

    Many hotels offer meeting rooms for large groups needing space for conferences, business meetings and more, but the restrictions that they place on these groups can be debilitating.

    With strict use times, number of participants, fees for use of equipment and restrictions on catering services, these hotels can reap huge amounts in extra fees, all coming right out of your pocket.

    Guests per Room

    Long gone are the days where you’re paying for the hotel room. These days, you’re not only paying for the hotel room but you’re also paying for any additional people staying in the room.

    Sometimes the restrictions the hotels place on the number of guests per room forces you to book a separate room.


    People often book stays at hotels based on the kind of facilities the hotels offer. From pools to exercise rooms, cafes and other services, hotels lure people in promising the use of all sorts of facilities. What they don’t tell you is that the use of these facilities can be highly restrictive.

    Hotels excel in restrictions. However, you can enjoy great holiday accommodations by booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel room. Sites like HomeAway let you find the perfect rental where you’ll have more space, more privacy and far fewer restrictions.


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