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    Travel to Venezuela

    Venezuela is the country that weaves magic in every element. A land of the most beautiful women, home to the highest water fall in the world, and the house of the second largest river of South America, the Orinoco. Venezuela Travel is a lifetime experience. It has that typical South American touch engraved with a bit of Caribbean touch too.

    Travel Information about Venezuela is not too difficult to gather. Caracas is the capital city and has a typical tropical climate. The place is more about concrete buildings and is very happening. This metropolis is a great place to be in. El Hatillo out here is so rich in architecture, and the beaches are so seducing to the minds that every tourist is left awe stuck. Soft and supple skin, tanned skin, great figures are all that you can get to see here on the whispering beaches out here. Snorkeling, Diving are some of the most exciting things you can do while you are traveling to Venezuela. The Venezuelans love to holiday on the beach of Isla de Margarita, Bonaire, and Curacao etc. These are lovely islands, which beckon every individual. Again the Porlamar here offers every modern amenity and facility to make life luxurious.Isla MargaritaTravel to Venezuela has a great touch of bohemian culture. The Andes with all of their might are standing tall with striking beauty reflecting in every inch. They are but a treat to the eyes. It is here that you will find Merida. While you try to get Travel Information to Venezuela on this place, you will find that this city is placed in between two ranges and has a University, which reflects ancient Bohemian culture. Also, it is one of the oldest.

    While you travel Venezuela in the northeastern part, you come across amazing beaches. It is here that you find trying to re-establish his connection with nature by worshipping the Sun –God. . Then there is the Mochima national park which one must visit while you travel to Venezuela. The park is a great reserve for coral reefs, numerous islands, and some of the most enchanting and captivating beauties. Cumana is the capital of this region. While you further travel Venuzuela, you now reach the Guyana Highlands. And this where the highest waterfall exists. It is a magnificent sight to the eyes; water falling from such a height is absolutely a thrill to see, and to be a part of it. The Orinoco River also finds its origin here. And to add on to the advantages it is here that you will find a number of tepuis. The savannah also finds their niche here.

    And last but not the least is the Amazon that makes the place so enticing. The Amazon rains Forets are totally captivating. Lot of tribes have made their home, and the place is totally mystic. It is blessed with flora and fauna, which are again enchanting.

    Arepas, Hallacas, Cachapas are a few of the things that one must eat while traveling to Venezuela. Hotels in Venezuela are available in every budget. You can get all the lavish facilities at the five-star hotels in Venezuela, or you can even live in a budget hotel. But all that maters is that the next day you wake up, you have the most seducing sunrise all set to kiss you for the day

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