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    Travel to Caracas Venezuela

    Caracas, the capital of Venezuela is an exciting place to be in, if you are looking out for some good time. Though most of the research says that the place is highly congested with too much of concrete being built up in the air, the other side of the coin says, there is the presence of Mt. Avila that adds to the grace. But be what the matter, Caracas being the capital city has a lot to offer. Geographically speaking it is about 3000 feet above the sea level. The beaches add a lot to theflights to Caracas beauty of the place. Venezuela has always found a place in almost every beauty pageant, so where there are beautiful women, the place definitely has to be blessed with the most awesome locales. And here in this case it is beaches.

    The climate out here is pretty tropical with just two seasons, the winter and rainy, since the summers are too pleasant to even imagine, with mercury not rising above 28 degrees. There are a lot of places that you can visit when you travel to Caracas, the La Plaza Bolivar, La Casa de Simon Bolivar, and Museo de Arte Colonial etc. But then when you mention about Travel to Caracas, then you also mention Mt. Avila simultaneously. Now this is one great place to go hiking and to get the birds eye view of the city. The air is fresh; the wind is all blowing so smoothly over your face, that it instantly makes you fall in love with it. Sabas Nieves entrance is reachable by bus out here.Then we have the teleferico, this is a cable car and it takes visitors up the mountain. The view is just breath taking. But as the sun rises, there is a haze that is built up; hence it is advised that you make your trip before afternoon. The kids have a lot to do here; there are play areas, skating clubs and fabulous restaurants.

    And now that we are done with sight seeing, we next need to go shopping Centro Commercial Sambil, Altamira, Centro Commercial, San Ignacio Centro Commercial, El Recreo. Etc are the places that you must go. They have a big range and have lot of activities to offer to the customer along with shopping.

    Now while you travel to Caracas, where do you eat? The answer again is simple, go Las Mercedes where in you have Malabar, which has some great French food. Aranjuez has the Venezuelan food, Cafe Olehas has some great desserts. You can also go to La Castellana and enjoy Japanese at Avila Tei. Make a choice and you do find a venue to pamper yourself.

    Hotels in Caracas are expensive. Though most of the South American hotels do have hostel facilities it is not so with Caracas, so make sure that your wallet does allow you to pamper yourself when you are in here. There are also some budget hotels in Sabana Grande but since Caracas is not said to be safe, you need to safe guard yourself.

    You can book your flights to Caracas with your agent and fly down to Maiquetía’s Simon Bolívar Airport. Flights to Caracas are available from almost all major destinations in the world, but make your tickets after you have your entire program sorted out.

    So here is wishing every visitor happy hiking Mt. Avila and happy sun basking.

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