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    Tour Romantic, Historical Finland

    Astuvansalmi prehistoric rock paintings in Ristiina, Finland
    Author: Ohto Kokko

    Bordering Sweden, Russia and Estonia is a Nordic country that has attracted an average of four million tourists internationally – Finland. The country is set in what many feel is a romantic, historical background. Even though Finland is among the top technologically advanced countries, with top technology companies such as the world famous Nokia mobile company making their home here, the country remains much unspoiled. It boasts of untouched, scenic landscape that is often the main attraction to the country. This is in addition to the untouched and unspoiled culture of the Finnish people. `The country has recently made access to some of its famous sites much faster for tourists and even locals.

    In this winter country where lakes are abundant and sites are to behold, the sauna is one of the most important features. Saunas have been part of the Finnish tradition for quite some while. In fact it is often noted that sauna were first invented in Finland. Even for the expectant mothers, there is something that might prove to be more attractive and often hard to resist. The Finnish have perfected the art of giving birth in the saunas, a fact that often reduces the severity of labor and birth pains. Sauna baths are known for their relaxing ability. The incredible feature about sauna baths in Finland is that they can be found practically anywhere and they are often built to suit any specific needs that an individual may have. For example, Finnish saunas are built to be suitable for the chronically ill, the disabled and even the aged. Everyone has the ability and the access to a proper sauna bath in Finland.

    Isokuru in Pyhä-Luosto National Park, Pelkosenniemi, Finland
    Author: Trainthh

    Finland is one of the few countries that have gained fame in the ice swimming sport. Hotels and resorts around the lakes often drill holes into the ice formed during the winter, the hole is maintained by pumping into it the ice water at high speed and amazing strength. Swimmers are not expected to keep their heads below the ice as this could cause health problems. The temperatures, although freezing, are often considered some form of adventure. This is not just a normal swimming experience; it is unique to this country. Guests are often advised to visit the ice swimming areas immediately after a sauna bath as a fast way of cooling off. The ice water is credited for making people feel fresher and relaxed.

    Finland has many ice skiing resorts located in the north of the country, the Arctic Circle in an area known as Lapland. One cannot ignore the skiing culture of this country. Its beautiful frozen mountain peaks, the country makes for the most amazing ski runs and paths. Skiing in Lapland has become like a tradition and part of the town. Lapland is usually highly populated during the winter, with many of the resorts being fully booked. The locals often offer their homes to tourists for renting. However, if you are planning to vacation in this area you may need to book your accommodation quite early. Skiing is not the only attraction to Lapland; many more people come to experience a day without sunlight during winter and full daylight during the summer. During the winter locals experience no daylight with the area remaining completely dark while during the summer, the exact opposite takes place Lapland has no night. It is almost like an endless day in the summer and an endless night during the winter.

    Repovesi National Park in midnight sun in Kouvola, Finland
    Author: M. Passinen

    Finland has some of the most beautiful and exotic lakes in the world. The lakes are large enough to accommodate some beautiful islands which are home to five star hotels and resorts. UNESCO has actually built the world’s only natural heritage site, the Kvarken Archipelago in Finland. The heritage is home to some of the most breathtaking views and provides a wide range of experiences for the Finland tourist. The archipelago is home to some of the most rare and exotic fish, flora and fauna. In fact, the natural environment of the Finish island has been a source of attraction for researchers, scientists and environmental specialists. Despite, the country’s high modernization and urbanization it has managed to maintain the natural environment as it has been for decades. For this reason, one is likely to see some of the rarest and extinct flora and fauna in Finland.

    The islands are home to rural cultures that have also remained untouched for a long period of time. Beginning with the famous Björköby’s harbor, Svedjehamn, one is able to see some of the most spectacular cultures and experience the same in an unspoiled nature. The Finnish are polite and welcoming, thereby making a visit to the rural islands refreshing and exciting. Locals often act as better tour guides, showing off some of the best natural enclaves and docks with many more attractions than one can imagine.

    Suomenlinna, a fortress near Helsinki, Finland. Picture taken from a ferry.
    Author: Michal Pise, Michal.Pise

    Perhaps the most fascinating fact about Finland is that it is the home of the most famous man on earth – Santa Claus. Legend has it that Santa declared Rovaniemi his home town. The town is now known as the Santa town, where he makes appearance every day of the year. You can actually call and mail friends with the original post, stamps and paper at the Santa Village. The Santa village has some exciting activities for the children culminating in the appearance of Santa himself. Rovaniemi has an idealic set, consisting mainly of snowy and Christmas like decorations. It is often said that those seeking happiness can find it in this village, after all Santa only brings joy and blessings!

    Finland is an amazing country to visit, especially for lovers of winter sports and winter vacations. In the summer too, this country offers some of the most unique and breathtaking views. The high class of resorts and hotels, which have been highly rated in the world offer relaxing, refreshing and a wide range of activities that make your vacation in Finland memorable. You cannot visit all the sites and lakes that the country has to offer. Once you visit Finland, you are likely to return again before long.

    About the Author: Tim Ambler is an avid world travel and small business owner. His company, MightyPromos, offers promotional products, including promotional bottle openers, that can be printed with a custom logo or message.


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