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Top Tips for a Weekend Break in Manchester


If you want to bring your family closer together, strenghten your family bonds and get away from the craziness of the daily life you lead, then short breaks in the city are probably your best option. During a weekend break you can relax, unwind and spend a lot of quality time together with your family. What’s more important, you can also avail of some of the best things the city of your choice can offer you.

If you are planning to spend a weekend break together then I would recommend you visit Manchester, one of the trendiest cities in the United Kingdom today. The city offers an abundace of attractions for any traveler. Great museums, restaurants, sports activities and more that will satisfy practically everyone. You can spend really amazing time with family in Manchester.

If you prefer more quiet activities you can avail of the numerous parks and gardens in the city and enjoy great views, nature and family time.

In case if you would like to discover more about the city’s history, Manchester offers a number of great museums for you to visit. You can learn about the importance of the city during the industrial revolution, when the city has become the important centre of the textile processing. You can also discover how transport looked like over a hundred years ago with the Museum of Transport. in there you will find the actual trams from the start of the twentieth century.

If you are interested in more ancient history, Manchester has something to offer as well. You can view the life size reconstruction of a Roman fort and discover more of the Roman presence in the region centuries ago.

Museum of Science will show you how technology was developing over the years and how it has shaped the city whereas the War Museum presents the influence of various conflicts on the Manchester region and its society.

The Museum of Science also regularly holds events for children, meaning that you will also have something to show the little ones of your family. Be it a scientific exhibition or a ride on the famous Thomas the Tank Engine, the Museum really caters for the visitors of all ages.

If however, sport is what you prefer then probably the biggest attraction will be visiting the famous Manchester United club or popping in to see the Man City and its players practicing. However, if football is not your first preference, you can also try rock climbing in the climbing centre or even book a helicopter flight and enjoy the sky view of the city.

And, at the end of your day, you can dine out in some of the finest restaurants in the UK or stay in your serviced apartments to prepare the meal yourself.

Without a doubt, Manchester is one of the most fascinating places to visit and spending your weekend break there is going to be filled with amazing activities for you and your family.

Thomas works for a serviced apartments in Manchester provider and writes about the city and its attractions.