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Top Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

Top Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand
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As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland offers many unique tourist adventures. Whether guests take a sailing trip out in the Waitemata Harbour or see the city from 328 metres up at the Sky Tower, there’s something for everyone in Auckland. You can pick up cheap flights to Auckland year round.

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Sky Tower

Visitors to Auckland can see the true scope of this vibrant, large city by visiting the famous Sky Tower. The glass fronted lifts inside the tower take visitors up to three incredible viewing decks. Truly daring visitors can do the Sky Jump, where they can leap off the tower and free fall for 192 metres. Don’t worry, it’s totally secure! Located in the downtown heart of Auckland, the Tower is a great place to view the city while enjoying a fresh coffee at Sky Lounge Café and Bar, or enjoy fine dining one of its exquisite restaurants.

Eden Garden

Located slightly outside of the city on Omaha Road, Eden Garden is a sanctuary for native plants, flowers and wildlife. Visitors will be overcome by the amazing flower displays that are always in bloom due to the moderate climate in the Auckland area. Visitors can view peaceful waterfalls, explore interesting rock formations and see native bird and animal life all while enjoying exquisite views of the harbour and the city around them.


As Auckland is so close to the water, a trip here wouldn’t be complete without a sailing experience. SAIL NZ, located in the Viaduct Harbour section of Auckland, offers visitors many sailing tours with opportunities to see captivating sea life up close. One tour will take guests to the Haruaki Gulf Marine Park where whales, dolphins, penguins and other marine animals are commonly seen. Tours last normally about six hours, so guests can really relax and enjoy being out on the crystal clear waters.

Voyager – New Zealand Maritime Museum

A visit to the Voyager will help visitors to Auckland understand the rich maritime history in the area. Here visitors can learn about specific stories of sailors from the past, as well as the exploration of the surrounding waters. A highlight of a visit to this museum is the unique opportunity to go aboard one of the heritage vessel ships and see what historic sailors really experienced. Visitors can explore Waitemata Harbour on one of these vessels for either 15 minutes or up to two hours. The museum is found in Viaduct Harbour, Auckland on the corner of Corner Quay and Hobson Streets.

Auckland Zoo

For animal lovers, the Auckland Zoo is a must see when visiting Auckland. It is home to over 117 species of animals, many of which are native to the area. Visitors will be impressed by the seeing enormity of the Asian elephant and hearing the heart stopping roar of the African lion. A visit to the zoo lets tourists view the area’s native animals, such as: kangaroos, emus, wallabies and rainbow lorikeets. The Auckland Zoo is situated next to the West Springs Park, close to the city’s central business district.