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    Top Items Where You Can Get Free Vacation Perks

    Free Vacation Perks
    Free Vacation Perks

    When it comes to vacations, cheap is good, but free is always better.  We often hear of people either online or in our circle of friends who seem able to get whatever they want free.  But it isn’t a miracle, and it certainly isn’t just good luck.  What it really boils down to is the ability to sit down and do some hard work prior to your vacation.  But if you’re trying to travel on a budget, you almost can’t afford to sit down and tackle some of these tasks before the big day.

    Frequent Flyer Miles

    If you are a collector of frequent flyer miles, then now is the time to cash them in.  These perks really add up over time, so if you have been saving for some time, you can surely get some great discounts.  Although you will need quite a few in order to secure a free flight, you might be able to at least get free accommodation.  There are many hotels that are partnered with the companies that offer these frequent flyer miles and many of them will take the points and put them towards your hotel stay.  Many hotels in fact offer ‘frequent stay points’ which are similar to the flyer points.  But more importantly, many of them are in a partner agreement with the airlines.  By simply doing a quick online search of your particular flyer program, you can find a list of hotels that will accept your points off your stay.  And if you can find one of these hotels that also offers a free continental breakfast, then you already have a free room and a free meal to start the day!  Not a bad way to save a buck.

    Coupon Websites

    Coupons sort of died out in the last fifteen years, but are now making a strong comeback in the online world.  There are many companies that offer a ‘coupon of the day’ to their subscribers that can be anything from a certificate for a free meal to a free day at the spa.  So before embarking on your vacation, try to find a few coupon websites and check back with them frequently.  You will be surprised to find out just how many amazing things you can get for free.  Companies are able to offer services like these because they believe you will in turn tell your friends, which will help their bottom line.  So, keep your eyes open and collect as many coupons as you can before leaving the country.  By checking out websites based in the country or city you are visiting, you can save a lot of time and hassle.

    Rental Cars

    It is a little more challenging to get a free rental car for any significant amount of time.  That is of course unless the rental company has messed up your transaction in some way.  However, it is possibly to get upgraded for free.  If you arrive in the queue on a Friday afternoon, the company will likely be quite busy and they might not have your particular model on the lot at the time.  That gives you the perfect chance to request to be upgraded to a fancier car for free.  It is also a good idea to call ahead or check their website to become aware of any possible deals and discounts that they may be offering.  By simply stating that you are on a budget vacation, you might get some extra perks that aren’t advertised to everyone.

    Of course, it’s impossible to get a vacation entirely for free, but with enough dedication and research, you can definitely alter your bottom line.  Bon voyage!

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