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Top 4 things to do in Lazio, Italy

Top 4 things to do in Lazio, Italy
Image by Luigi FDV (http://www.flickr.com/photos/luigistrano/)

Situated in central Italy, Lazio is a diverse area with both low-lying sandy beaches and groups of mountains. With an abundance of things to do for visitors to the region, it has become an attractive holiday destination over recent years – especially among families.

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Image by Luigi FDV (http://www.flickr.com/photos/luigistrano/)

Although not necessarily viewed as a traditional holiday location to go away to, Lazio offers a number of exciting things to do – and here we explore the top 4 best ones.

1. Enjoy the Beaches

Being within commutable distance of many tourist-friendly locations in and around the area, visitors to Lazio have a wide range of amazing beaches at their fingertips.

Central Rome doesn’t have its own beach as such, with the nearest one being a 30 minute train ride. The areas of Terracina and Sperlonga, on the other hand, have an array of clean sandy beaches that look out on to a sea view to die for. For visitors to Lazio, it’s a case of “take your pick” when choosing a beach, as there are local ones around the area, and bigger ones if you’re willing to travel a little bit.

2. Explore the Nature

Varied coastlines, perfectly green hills, volcanic lakes and natural parks – Lazio has a wealth of unspoilt natural beauty to explore.  One of the most fascinating areas of coastline to visit in Lazio is Circeo National Park, which is located to the south and covered by oak forests and coastal lakes. If you’re a fan of nature then you’ll absolutely love what Lazio has to offer.

3. Take a Ride down The River Tiber

The River Tiber has long been a predominant feature of central Italy. Stretching 406 kilometres, the river is the third-longest in the whole country, and is the perfect location to unwind (excuse the pun). Boat trips are available to take tourists down the river and past many of the famous landmarks in Rome, giving you spectacular views along the way.

4. Visit Tivoli

Situated in the heart of Lazio, the ancient city of Tivoli is packed with art and historic activity. With many different instances of Roman architecture and culture still present throughout the area, Tivoli is one location that is well worth the visit in Italy.

In our modern age, it is difficult to find such an untapped and populated region of Europe, but Tivoli certainly offers that. The locals boast that it’s even more ancient than the capital of Rome, and tourists can enjoy a wealth of things to do in the city, including sight-seeing and fantastic places to try some true and authentic Italian cuisine.


Whichever area of Lazio you will be visiting, you are sure to take in some of the common aspects that can be found all over Italy – most notably the found. Across the region there are some of the most fantastic restaurants and quaint bars that can be found in the country – including in the capital of Rome and further afield.

The above guest post is by family holidays specialist Thomson Al Fresco.