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Top 4 Misconceptions About RV Travel

Top 4 Misconceptions About RV Travel

Even if you’ve never actually gone on an RV trip before, you’ve no doubt at least thought of going on one. You’re reading this article, aren’t you?


So what’s holding you back from actually renting an RV and booking a spot at a campground? If you’re like a lot of other people in your same situation, it’s likely because there are certain fears or misconceptions that you may have about traveling in an RV.

Here are the top four misconceptions about RV travel:

Misconception #1 – It’s Extremely Expensive

On the contrary, RV travel is one of the most cost effective vacations you can go on. It’s certainly cheaper in comparison to flying and staying in hotels.

The biggest expenses you will incur on an RV trip is the cost of renting an RV, the fuel, and food. Staying at RV campgrounds is actually not that expensive, and can cost as little as twenty dollars or less a night if you do your research.

So yes, an RV trip certainly costs money, but it’s also much cheaper than you may have suspected. If you play your cards right, it’s more than possible to budget an RV trip at less than two thousand dollars.

Misconception #2 – You Need A Special License To Drive An RV

This is the big misconception that scares a lot of people form renting an RV. The misconception here is that you need a CDL (commercial driver’s license) in order to operate an RV.

In reality, you only need such a license in three states (Indiana, Wisconsin, and Hawaii). Furthermore, you only need the license in Wisconsin and Indiana if your RV is longer than 45 feet (which most aren’t), and in Hawaii you only need it if the vehicle weighs more than 26,000 pounds).

That being said, just because a license is not required to operate an RV most of the time doesn’t mean that you will automatically be skilled at driving one.

This is why it’s a really good idea to take RV driving classes and to practice driving your RV around town and on the highway before you officially embark on your journey. If you personally know anyone who owns an RV, ask them if they would be willing to teach you and practice using theirs.

Misconception #3 – You Can’t Stay Connected With The Outside World

This really depends on where you’re going. If you work online or need to stay connected with the outside world, the myth that going on an RV trip means going off the grid can definitely hold you back.

But in reality, you can easily bring a portable Wi-Fi router with you or you can plan your trip ahead to either stay at campgrounds with Wi-Fi and strong cell service or stop by at places that have Wi-Fi (such as coffee shops or libraries). It all really comes down to careful research and planning.

Misconception #4 – An RV Trip Only Consist of Driving

Only if you make it.

If you’re going to be traveling from one coastline to the other, then yes, there’s going to be a lot of driving involved.

But then again, you can plan your trip for there to be as minimal driving as possible, such as going to a nearby RV campground or a national forest park that’s only a few hours away.

Once you arrive at the campground, just set up shop and treat your RV like your home. At that point, you can enjoy fun activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, and so on.

Misconceptions About RV Travel

An RV trip is meant to be one thing: fun.

After all, if you’re interested in embarking on your first RV trip, the thought of it being fun is probably what’s motivating you.

But if there’s anything holding you back from actually saying yes to going on a trip, it’s probably one or more of these kinds of misconceptions that we have just covered.

RV trips are not more expensive than other kinds of trips, you don’t need a special license, you can still stay connected with the outside world and have the privacy you desire, and you can do a whole lot more than just drive on the road the whole time.

Now that you are aware of these misconceptions, the only question is when will you book your trip?