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    Tips for Travelling to Albania

    The South-eastern Europe treasure that is Albania is becoming increasingly popular with tourists searching for something a bit different and off-the-beaten-track. Visit Albania to explore a country with dramatic landscapes of imposing hills and mountains and a rugged coastline. Culture vultures can discover the cities of Berat and Giirokastra, both dominated by fairytale castles and full of museums. These travel tips will help to provide you with more enjoyable Albania holidays; with advice on ways to get around the country and things that should be done before or after arriving at your destination. There’s no better place to enjoy a unique holiday with a difference than in Albania.
    Flying into Albania

    Two friends in the main square in Tirana
    Travelling to AlbaniaCharlesFred / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

    When planning Albania holidays, you will need to decide how you are getting into the country. If you do not live nearby and are not able to drive in, you will need to fly into their one international airport known as Rinas Airport. There is only a single runway located at this airport, making incoming and outgoing flights few and far between. In order to ensure a flight to Albania during your selected time frame, be sure to book your airfare in advance. Some airlines that fly into Rinas Airport include Swiss Airways and Malev Airlines.
    Getting Through Albanian Customs

    Before arriving in Albania for your holiday, you will want to know what to expect after landing. Getting though Albanian customs can be time consuming, but is well worth the wait to see what the country has in store for you. Visitors will need to fill out visa forms and pay an airport tax. Be sure to have extra money on you to pay this tax that many do not know about this until they arrive at the airport.

    Skip Currency Changes

    Unless it becomes absolutely necessary during your holiday, do not worry about exchanging your currency for Lek, the currency of Albania. Many shops, restaurants and other establishments prefer hard currency from other countries that are much more stable than their own. Many establishments will also accept credit cards during your travels, but it important to have cash on you in the event that they do not.
    Learn the Language

    Most Albania locals do not speak English, making it hard to communicate while on holiday. Try to learn several basic words and phrases in Italian to make it easier to ask questions get around and even order meals. Translation booklets can be of a great help to carry around with you for communication purposes.

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