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    Three Ways to Get Awesome Perks when You Travel

    Travel perks
    Travel perks

    Ever wonder why some people always seem to get bumped to first class at the airport or offered the best rooms at hotels? You can get these perks too – and it’s actually quite easy. You don’t have to be a high-roller in Vegas or on your honeymoon to receive some awesome upgrades and free gifts on your next vacation or business trip, no matter where you’re traveling. Here are three ways to get these perks:

    1. Be polite and friendly to the staff.

    Believe it or not, a smile really can go a long way. Let’s say you’re working to check in passengers at a hotel. It’s the end of a long, stressful shift and you have two rooms left in the hotel – one with awesome views and the other next to the boiler room. One person checking in has been complaining loudly since he got in line while the other waits patiently and tells you to take your time when the phone rings. Who’s going to get the room with the view?

    2. Buy travel insurance before you leave.

    If your flight is delayed and your miss your connection, bad weathers causes you to get stuck in your destination for another night, the hotel was overbooked, or there’s another problem with your vacation, just call your insurance rep. He or she will take care of the problem for you, helping you to book a hotel room when needed or find another flight – and usually, this comes at no cost to you. Of course, even insurance policy is different, so read the fine print, but if you purchase a comprehensive policy, you have a better chance of catching the last flight out for the day instead of having to spend the night at the airport.

    3. Ask!

    It may seem to simple to be true, but often times if you just ask, there are perks just waiting for you. Of course, this goes along with tip number one, since no one will be willing to accommodate you if you’re grumpy or mean, but you’ll be amazed at what is available if you ask for it. For example, the next time you’re checking into a hotel, ask if they have any nicer rooms available at your booking price. If it’s a slow weekend, you might score a suite for the price of a regular room. Or, ask if the hotel has any discount programs with local business – they might have coupons available for local restaurants or discount tickets for near-by attractions. Hotels are especially willing to help local customers.

    Perks aren’t always possible. If you arrive to an overbooked hotel late, they won’t be able to give you a better room and if your flight is on-time and fully books, an upgrade to first class won’t be possible. But by using the three tips above, sometimes you can get some stuff for free, and that can make your vacation even sweeter.

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