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    Three Top Reasons to Do It Yourself with Self Catering Holidays

    More recently self catering holidays have become the vacation of choice for many families and it isn’t by coincidence either. In fact, self-catering accommodation offers visitors the freedom and flexibility to do it themselves that they otherwise wouldn’t normally have if they stayed in a hotel or guest house.

    Luxury Penthouse rental in downtown Telluride Colorado [06]
    Self Catering HolidaysHeartOfTelluride.com / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

    This in itself is good enough reason to consider self-catering, but if you’re still a little sceptical, here are three top reasons to DIY.


    Let’s face it, in this economic climate we all have to tighten our belts a little, so cost plays a big factor when deciding on a type of holiday. With this in mind, if you book a self-catering establishment and are going with a group of friends or a large family, then it can save you a fair bit of cash. Unlike many hotels which can charge by the head, self-catering venues are normally charged per house, apartment or cottage, meaning that it can work out pretty cheaply. If you’re thinking of staying for longer than a couple of days, then all things considered this is a seriously cost-effective option.

    Take your Pick

    The great thing about self-catering accommodation is that there is plenty of it and it comes in all different shapes, styles and sizes. Therefore depending on your budget, you’ll always be able to find accommodation. From a small or modest apartment, right up to a grand country house or fabulous Mediterranean Villa, self-catering isn’t budget specific.

    Freedom to Do What you Want

    One of the best things about self-catering holidays in general is the freedom that it affords. Whether tonight’s meal consists of a microwave prawn curry, some boil-in-the-bag rice and a cheap bottle of Beaujolais, or a five course extravaganza of culinary delights from around the world, you have the freedom to cook whatever you like. Alternatively, if you prefer to eat out every night, then again, no problem. In essence, you can treat it like a real home from home and even stay in your bedroom if you so wish without having to worry about room service.

    Wherever you are in the world and whatever destination you choose to go, you should always be able to seek self catering holidays in your chosen location. So if you don’t feel like being stuck in a cramped hotel room and are looking to base yourself and your family/friends in somewhere that’s comfortable and large enough for you to spread your wings, then you can. What’s more, it can be achieved without costing the earth when you choose Macole’s self catering holidays.

    So there you have it, top reasons to do it yourself with self catering holidays. If you’ve ever been a little wary about going down the self-catering route before then hopefully this has convinced you to maybe think about taking the plunge. You just might be surprised at what you can get for your hard earned money, especially if you can take advantage on some of the many deals on offer.

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