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    Things to Do in San Antonio, Ibiza

    Ibiza is one of the largest of the Balearic Islands, and each year, thousands of individuals travel to the island to enjoy sand, sunshine and tranquil waters. Ibiza features a rustic coastline, isolated coves, fig trees, and some of the world’s most popular beaches. Of all the Balearic Islands, Ibiza claims one of the warmest year round temperatures, making it a favorite destination of those looking for an ideal place in which to escape from the winter cold. Couples or families planning a holiday in Ibiza will find that hotels in San Antonio offer some of the best value for one’s money.

    San Antonio

    San Antonio is Ibiza’s largest and most action packed resort. Its shoreline features shallow waters, which are ideal for bathing, and glorious sunsets that can be seen against the background of Conejera Island. In the middle of the town, one can visit a beautiful, historical church, as well as other interesting landmarks which are opened to the public. Additionally, there are numerous, quaint cafes where one can indulge in a cool drink at the end of a full day of shopping and sightseeing.

    The San Antonio Bay area is an ideal family holiday destination, as it offers many attractions and activities for children of all ages. The area is clean and well maintained, with virtually no crime. The beach is entirely safe for children, and parents can enroll their youngsters in child-friendly scuba activities, or sightseeing tours which focus on nature and animals.

    Beaches and Attractions

    Many families choose to visit the art galleries, or the impressive yacht marina for an educational day out on the town. Ibiza’s Archaeological Museum in Formentera is also an excellent destination for a family outing (Ferry’s leave daily from the port in San Antonio). In addition, one can indulge in golf, water sports, horseback riding, jet skiing, fishing, or simply a day at the beach.

    Popular beaches around San Antonio include Port des Torrent, Cala Tarida, Bora Bora, and Calla Bassa. Additionally, the resort’s shopping district offers a wide variety of items to please visitors of all ages. Families can then top off their day with an exciting excursion to the local go-kart track, before retiring to one of the luxurious Ibiza hotels.


    Those on holiday in Ibiza will experience an abundance of sunshine, with a year round average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures are naturally hotter in the summer months, however, an enjoyable climate will be found regardless of when one visits the island. With its many attractions and activities, those who choose a holiday in Ibiza will find that a relaxing and appealing atmosphere awaits them.

    This was a guest post by John McElborough from Ibiza hotels booking site loveibiza.net

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