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    Things To Do in Malaga


    Malaga, Spain is located on the Spanish “costa del sol,” or “sun coast.” It is a truly beautiful spot. It offers many opportunities for couples, individuals, or families on vacation, and it ranks high as a relaxing holiday destination in Europe. Malaga is located in Andalusia, Spain, and borders the Mediterranean Sea. With a dry, sunny climate and good weather all year, it is the perfect holiday destination. Malaga has mild winters, and the summers are comfortable, with cool breezes and temperatures that are not too hot to enjoy.

    Visiting travelers might wonder how to get to Malaga; whether it is possible to connect directly through the Malaga airport without hassle. They need not worry; Malaga has an excellent airport, and travel to the city is easy, since Malaga airport is the fourth busiest airport in the country. It is one of the first airports ever established in Spain. Busy travelers can easily connect to flights going to many different destinations throughout Europe.

    Car hire Malaga is also a great way to get around in the city, with many international chains having car hire services in the city, and at the airport itself. Hiring a car will allow a traveler more flexibility to move around Malaga at his or her own pace while seeing the many sights the city has to offer. There is also a high-speed train which services Malaga, and numerous roads, highways, and commuter train lines.

    Malaga is a historic city with a past extending back thousands of years. There are caves around the city which have prehistoric etchings on them which tourists can visit. Malaga is also notable for its beautiful architecture, stunning cathedral, and ancient “alcazaba,” meaning castle. It also has a music museum, city museum, and many ancient and historical remains, including those of an ancient Roman amphitheater which dates from the first century BC. It also features a beautiful and scenic harbor which dates as far back as 600 BC. For those interested in soaking up the sunshine, Malaga has many beaches to visit. It is surrounded by mountains to the north of the city, called the “Montes de Malaga,” which are very scenic.

    Spanish cuisine is delicious. A hungry traveler can sample tapas or pallea at one of the many restaurants Malaga has to offer. Most Spaniards prefer to eat dinner late, and most restaurants do not open until late; much later than restaurants in other countries.

    For people interested in learning the art of flamenco, multiple locations offer classes and teach visitors the famous Spanish dance. There is also a beautiful “Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Malaga,” or “Museum of Glass and Crystal.” There are also numerous spas and country clubs around the city. If you don’t want to do too much walking while seeing Malaga, there is even a Segway tour which will take you around the most famous historical sites. Malaga is a beautiful tourist destination with much to offer travelers from all around the world.

    This was a guest post by Martina for car hire Malaga company Malaga Car

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