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    The Rich History of Orlando and Disney

    The history of Orlando is relatively new – being that its economic pivot point only happened in the 1960’s. If you ever opened a carton of Florida’s Natural and enjoyed the juice drink, then you probably have that impression if you are not from Florida, that this is their biggest industry in the country. After all, don’t they send millions upon millions of these cartons all over the world? While yes this is true that such a remarkable amount is sent to millions of consumers it isn’t actually its number one industry! The number one industry of Orlando is actually its tourism.

    Image by Iplan2go

    Yes tourism. Orlando is a city whose reality is Disney Orlando hotel packages, vacation packages to Disney World, a lot of teenagers screaming their lungs out at the rides in Universal Studios and thousands of spectators cheering on the Orlando Magic at the Amway Center. Tourism is at the heart of Orlando now and the residents of Orlando are very much proud of it! But as mentioned, this was not always the case and it was only a recent development that brought about this change. It was actually something that happened in 1965 that changed everything and the way people really lived and did things in the great city of Orlando.

    Before 1965, Orlando was a city that was mentioned as well, was primarily an orange harvesting country. Isn’t it interesting then, that Walt Disney would come by and change the economic face of Orlando forever? See, in 1965 he picked Orlando over more costly and logical places like Miami to put up his own Disney World. It was a theme park unheard of at that time – covering many acres and creating a fantasy world where children and adults alike could live the magic of his animated films in a realistic environment of wholesome fun. At that time, Orlando did not have many tourists but after Disney put up Disney World, it took millions of visitors every year as Disney World became a cultural icon. This was to be the start of things like Disney Orlando hotel packages and vacation packages to Disney World. In short, it was because of Disney that Orlando is the way that it is now. Orlando owes its economic state right now and the industry of tourism to Walt Disney picking their city to put up Disney World! Now this is an amazing fact in itself.

    Now you have so many other theme parks situated in the area. Universal Studios is one of those places that offer a great theme park for its more mature audience. Ripley’s Believe it or Not is a great record of some of the most amazing things about our world and some feats of human capacity. Discovery Cove is an ideal place where parents can take their children on a nature trip. Harry Potter’s theme park is something that appeared recently, and is making waves. The list goes on and on – and it all started from that fateful decision in 1965 by good old Walt!

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