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The reasons why you will love caravanning


You may feel like doing something a bit different for your next holiday, something that involves more freedom of choice and allows you to explore the great outdoors. More and more people are starting to jump on board with caravan holidays as they bring many advantages and possibilities to your well-deserved break.

The Caravan Club has outlined some of the reasons why people love caravanning.

Caravanning a mainstay of UK tourism
Caravanning a mainstay of UK tourism

Here are some of the reasons people love caravanning.


If you’re sick of having to plan each day of your holiday before its even started then the freedom that caravanning brings may be for you. Freedom is one of the main things that people love about caravanning. You won’t be controlled by train or bus schedules, hotel events or having to get up at ridiculous times of the day to catch your flight. The best bit about it is if you have had enough of the place that you were currently at, as you feel you have seen and done all the things you wanted to do, then just move on to the next place you wish to travel to. After all you are the driver of your holiday.


As you will be saving yourself money from the flight and hotel you didn’t have to book, it means having a bigger amount of disposable cash to play around with on your holiday. Although the main reason is to save yourself money and enjoy your break at the same time, caravanning will still provide this effect and leave you with money in your pocket by the end of your holiday. An added expense that usually crops up when taking a holiday is the cost of paying someone to look after your pets whilst you are away. Caravanning doesn’t involve this cost as you can take them along with you and also stay guilt free from leaving them behind.

The Great Outdoors:

Waking up to the sound of the birds and the bees can actually be quite tranquil. It’s the perfect time to be at one with nature and to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Choose where you set up camp wisely and you could have that peaceful break that has been much needed for a good while. You have the option to spend the morning relaxing outdoors to then venturing out into more built up surroundings if you wish, the choice is yours.


Summer isn’t the only season that you may want to take a holiday; a break is deserved at any given time of the year. Most caravans are equipped with heating as well as insulation to keep the cold at bay. The idea of setting off in the winter and curling up with a good book or a board game sounds rather cosy and relaxing. You can even bring your home comforts along with you such as your favourite duvet cover or foods that you know will be hard to source whilst you are away.

Believe it or not, caravanning has actually become popular in recent years making this choice of holiday a common activity for all. What are you waiting for? Happy touring!