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The Most Relaxing Baltic Breaks

The Most Relaxing Baltic Breaks

When you want to explore all that Western Europe has to offer, yet still be near the water, choosing vacation destinations on the Baltic Sea is an excellent choice. Many of these destinations have a little something for everyone, from historic architecture to amusements attractions and more.

Sunshine over the Baltic
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Here are just some of the places where you can rest, relax and have a great Baltic vacation.


Sonderburg is an area located in Denmark, on the island of Alsen. With a combination of Danish and German history, you will find a number of interesting places to explore. The city is home to a castle that was built in the twelfth century. It now serves as a museum. Sonderburg also has a German museum in the Old Town area that explains the German history of the city. If you want to spend your time near the sea, you will find a number of interesting historical ships at the harbour. The harbour also serves as the starting point to the rum regatta to Flensburg.


Kappeln is a small city on the Baltic Sea with only about 10,000 residents, but it is also home to one of the most beautiful landscapes on the western shore. Tourists who are really looking for relaxation will find the area’s healing baths an excellent attraction. Kappeln is also home to the Schlei Museum, a museum that features all types of exhibits to let vacationers explore the marine history of the town and the nearby area. The museum opened in 1982 and currently hosts twenty historic ships.


If you find yourself in the south-western area of the Baltic Sea, Eckerforde is a breath-taking seaside resort for those who want a bit of rest and relaxation. Since the 1830s, this area has been well-known as a health resort area. If you like sport, this town is excellent for biking, skating and hiking. At the city centre, you can visit the historic swimming baths. If you go closer to the harbour, you can check out Old Town and the fish market. The historic harbour was modernized in 2007 and now hosts fifteen historic museum ships for visitors to check out and still has plenty of room for ships with day to day business.


Kiel is another great location on the Baltic Coast where maritime life still goes on after hundreds of years. Tourists to Kiel will be able to see many different sites that relate to the water. While once a military port, Kiel is now home to the biggest sailing event in the world, Kieler Woche. The Kiel Canal is another heavily used waterway in the city, ferrying passengers throughout the Baltic region. If you are ready to have some fun on the water, there are nine harbours in the city specifically for sports boats. If you want to stay on land, the beaches in Kiel are second to none.


If you are looking for a vacation with classic and historical elements, Eutin is a great destination on the Baltic Sea. Eutin is well known for its many writers, poets and painters. Here you will be able to experience the Eutin Castles and its magnificent gardens, which have remained the same for more than 200 years. If you are a fan of operetta, plan your vacation during the Eutin festival for operetta music. A walk around the city centre on a bright afternoon is a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery. The nearby water is utilized for a number of activities including yachting and fishing.

These are just a few of the highlights that line the coasts of the Baltic Sea. There are many areas that provide both the comforts of a relaxing vacation with the beautiful views of the sea. Consider some of these destinations when you plan your next break on the Baltic Sea.

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