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The Impact of Taking your Children to Disney World


Disney is a brand that has transcended many generations. Many people do not know this, but when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs together with Pinocchio were released in the 1940’s, they were timeless classics that were revolutionary in terms of what they did. Masterful storytelling, enchanting soundtracks as well as cutting edge 2D animation that was the best at that time surely captured audiences and made these two Disney classics very much immortal. After this, many more classics followed, which are still icons of today’s Disney universe. Case in point – Mickey Mouse is just as admired now as he was in the 1960’s!

And speaking of the 1960’s; isn’t it that one of the most defining moments of Walt Disney was when he made a risky move to create Disney World in Orlando? At that time, there were not a lot of visitors to Central Florida. You basically went there for the good weather, crystal clear waters and the oranges freshly picked from their vast orchards. But Walt had a different vision – he saw a big castle in the middle of a grand theme park, hotel packages Disney World and even Disney World vacation packages that would be bought and enjoyed by eventually millions of people yearly.  He even envisioned that people would come from all around the world to visit this grand attraction; and he was right to do so.

For many parents today, one of their memorable experiences will very likely be their own parents having taken them to Disney World at one point. Now many of these people remember what they did at least vaguely, the happiness and excitement that they felt when they went on that trip to Disney. It didn’t really matter if their visit took place when they were just 5 years old; they usually have it detailed in their memory. Why is this? Why has this become the rule? Is it truly a requirement for parents nowadays to take their children to Disney World at one point in their lives?

Many child psychologists and educators have attributed a child’s need to go to Disney to their need for fantasy. They want to hear about stories and, of course, have closure in a good ending that finishes with “and they lived happily ever after – the end.” Children are naturally inclined to hear good stories and would always imagine themselves in the place of the characters that they watch on video or the big screen. And what better way to do that, than to actually go to a place where all of that is real – and that is Disney World.

When you think about hotel packages Disney World and even Disney World vacation packages, the bottom line is that you need to take your children to Disney at one point in their lives. This is something that they require as part of their development as much as they need fairy tales. If you think going to Disney has not influenced your life, then you better ask your parent why they took you there the first place! It is inevitable. Taking your child to Disney has its advantages and will leave a lasting impression.