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    The Heavenly Maldives

    For the ultimate in idyllic getaways, escape to the tropical paradise of the Maldives. With little to do but relax and revive, surrounded by warm, turquoise waters, glorious sunshine and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and reefs, a holiday in the Maldives promises to be romantic, peaceful and every bit as magical as you imagine it might be.

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    The Maldives are an archipelago of 1190 small islands, grouped into 26 coral atolls, in the Indian Ocean. 97 of these are resort islands. Most of the resorts take up a whole island, limiting the numbers of tourists on the beach meaning you will more than likely discover your own tranquil oasis on a secluded stretch of sand.

    A favourite for honeymooners, the Maldives know how to do romance. Pure, old fashioned, candle-lit, romance. Take pleasure in an exotic picnic on a secluded beach all to yourselves, visit the resort spa for scrumptious body treatments or simply enjoy sipping cocktails and watch the golden sun sink into the horizon. Whatever your celebration, it’s sure to be magical in the haven of the Maldives.

    With over 3000 coral reef formations in the archipelago, home to over a thousand different species of fish and other aquatic life, the Maldives are heaven for those that love to explore the underwater world. From vibrant and strange corals, colourful swimmers to magnificent manta rays and even sharks, a diving excursion in the Maldives is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. For something a little different, ask if your resort offers night dives or if diving isn’t your thing, you could always snorkel the house reef, just off shore.

    The Maldives enjoy sunshine all year round with temperatures hovering around the 30 degrees Celsius mark, however they do have a rainy season. The southwest monsoon runs from April to October, and rain is particularly likely from June to August. This can make the water murky, meaning diving and other underwater activities become difficult.

    Accommodation on the Maldives is mostly luxurious island resorts, although hotel accommodation can be found on the capital of Male. You could also opt to cruise the waters on a safari vessel, however for a true Maldivian experience, you can’t go past the resorts. Choose to wile away your time in a beachfront villa, a palm fringed hideaway or an iconic over water bungalow.

    The Maldives are expensive, with little to offer the budget traveller, but it’s a price worth paying if peace and luxury in a pristine, secluded setting is what you are after, which is what holidays in the Maldives are all about. Enjoy a cocktail, soothed by the rhythmic waves, dig your toes into the sand and forget, if only for a little while, that life exists beyond the reef.

    Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author and is intended purely for information and interest purposes only. It should not be used to make any decisions or take any actions. Any links are included for information purposes only.

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