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    The Do-Gooders Travel Guide- 3 Key Tips in Choosing Your Next Vacation

    Choosing Your Next Vacation
    Choosing Your Next Vacation

    Who doesn’t want to take a break from work and the everyday worries of life and spend time in a foreign place? But, what would be even more amazing is getting the fulfillment of helping out someone in need in the process. The feeling that goes with service is one of great achievement and joy. Why not go back to work the following week feeling accomplished and knowing that you have bettered the life of someone else? If you want this feeling, the perfect trip for you would be a service trip.

    You don’t need to travel far to be philanthropic. You could spend time around your own neighborhood for the week and volunteer at local soup kitchens and homeless shelters or you could travel to a foreign country with an organization whose purpose is to help. Start the decision by realizing that a service trip isn’t all about hard labor and going to the poorest region of a country. There are opportunities to assist the lives of others by just spending time with that person. Use your free time to help struggling people get back on the right foot. Where to start? Use these tips to plan a fulfilled vacation with something that you would enjoy.

    Decide To Take Time off From Yourself

    There are holidays and days off from work that can be spent with your family or days to just sleep in. These days can be spent as renewal time for you. Use those extra vacation days, no matter the number in which they may be, and decide that you’ve spent a lot of time in becoming who you are today, spend a few days in the hopes that someone will benefit from the person that  you have become.

    Is leaving your family an issue? Bring your family with you. No matter how old your family members may be, they are never too young or old  to learn a sense of justice. Instill a sense of service in your children at a young age. There are opportunities for all age groups to get out and lend a hand to people in need.

    Pick a Destination

    The most important part of any vacation deliberation process is deciding on the destination. Planning a “service” vacation is no different. Wherever you travel, a need for service is bound to be nearby. Go to the Appalachian Trail. Go to Europe. Go to Africa. Go to Australia and you’ll still find something or someone to help out with. There is always going to be a need for help, so why not get two important things covered in your travels: exploring a new country and experiencing something new. Both can be done while enjoying your time on a service exploration. Once you find your destination of choice, start exploring the type of service you could like to perform.

    Chiise A Place That Is Interesting To You

    Find something that you would enjoy doing. There are many ways in which you can help other people. Are you strong or want to work on your carpentry skills? Work for Habitat for Humanity and help build a needing family a house. Do you love working with children? Travel to Mexico and play with the children in an orphanage. Do you want to have time for site-seeing, and work with construction, children, and the elderly? Join Project FIAT and travel to El Salvador helping the people in a nearby village. All are just suggestions, but also a great way to have time to experience something new. There are a million different ways to help people around the world. Once you’ve chosen your destination, type in “service in (your destination)” into a search engine and you’ll get a great number opportunities waiting for people like you to help out.

    This post has been provided by Nicolas D’Alleva. Nicolas is the president and CEO of Specialty Answering Service, a high volume answering service for Fortune 500 businesses. When he is not running his business, Nicolas is volunteering his time and talents to help others in need.

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