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The best way to get to the airport – the limousine


In my opinion (and I have 20 years in the travel industry) there is no better way to get to the airport than taking a limousine or sedan (aka Black Car).  Forget the prestige, I’m talking about comfort.  The comfort I am talking about is more than the comfortable ride associated with a limo, I’m talking about the comfort that comes from not having to drive myself to the airport and then look for a parking place. I still remember having to run through the parking lot with my bags falling all over the place and by the time I got the TSA I was sweaty and out of breath.  Needless to say I raised a “red flag”.  Now the limo drops me off at curbside baggage check.  I stroll in at my own pace and life is grand!

This “grand” experience on the return trip can turn into a nightmare if you don’t pick the right limo company.  For all major limo companies, one of the biggest areas of customer complaints is in the airport pickup process.  Most major companies wait for you to call into their call center or dispatch when you have your bags in hand to assign a vehicle to your reservation.  This process is very time consuming because the calls don’t float in at an even pace.  No, the calls rush in like a Tsunami all at one time. The end result is you get put on hold and wait and wait until finally you have a vehicle assigned.  This “just in time” dispatching also leads to other issues such as after that long wait on hold the only car that is left is a sedan and you have a party of 4 with luggage.  The big companies who do “just in time” dispatching have a “just in time” recipe for disaster.

You should always look for a company that follows the 3 P’s of success; prior proper planning. I use only limo companies that dispatch orders the day before. I want and desire to know who my chauffeur is before I get on the plane. I want and desire to get the vehicle type I reserved.  One of these so called big companies didn’t have enough limos to cover their orders one day and I was sent a Toyota Camry.  Well let me say this, if I wanted to drive in a Camry I would have driven my own!  I suggest only using a company who offers a variety of vehicle make and models. The industry standard is the Lincoln Sedan, a spacious car with a luxurious ride.

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