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    The 5 Most Popular Holiday Destinations in Thailand!

    Thailand is fast becoming one of the, if not THE most popular place for a Far East holiday.  In fact it has assumed such a large gathering of people interested in travelling here that it is on par with locations like the Caribbean and the Maldives.  Thailand although not a massive country, does have several top locations well worth investigating for your holiday destination!


    Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand in terms of Beach holidays and relaxation.  This peaceful coastal town is home to an assort of Luxury resorts and hotels, catering to the needs of weary travellers and providing the perfect spa or relaxation experience for all who visit.  Phuket is also known for its more cultural surroundings and monuments; this makes it a beautiful area to wander or to see the beautiful sights!

    Bangkok has to receive a pretty big mention on this list.  It does account for the majority of tourists to Thailand and its westernisation has made it and extremely popular holiday destination.  The busy nightlife and bustling atmosphere all over town are making Bangkok a must visit in Thailand.  Of course there is still some strong cultural references, like the building designs and you can always find a temple somewhere.

    Pattaya is another one of those quiet yet beautiful locations proving to be a trend along with Thailand visits.  In fact many people combine Pattaya with a holiday to Bangkok so that they can have both sides of the holidaying lifestyle.  Both Bangkok and Pattaya are situated quite close to each other as well, so why not enjoy a beach holiday in the south central coast and then move up to Bangkok for a couple of days for the other end of the spectrum?

    Koh Samui is one of the main islands and provides some of the most luxurious experiences for spa visitors.  Most of the resorts on the island are specifically designed to cater for spa therapies and relaxation therapies.  Yoga and all things calm can be found here.  The Island is a world filled with green trees and sandy beaches.

    Krabi is one of the most idyllic beach resort locations.  Regarded and loved by many because it is one of the least commercial beach resort locations.  This means that it has a wonderful natural feel to it, making it one of the most sought after destinations for a Thailand beach holiday.  If a spa holiday isn’t your thing, and you would like to combine a piece of adventure to your holiday as well, then you really need to take a look at Krabi!


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