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    G’day i have been in Africa now for just over a year and recently scaled the biggest mountain with a great mate. We went up with Temba and his smiling team of helpers, cooks and story tellers. The trip was just amazing with definitely one of the best experiences I have had so far on this continent and my life. The Mountain is just beautiful in splendor and shoots up out of the ground just out side of the hot town of Moshi. Our 6 days started early and from day one we were looked after like kings. The porters do all the hard work for you and the Chef Mr D makes camping on the side of a mountain like going to a high class restaurant. Temba’s knowledge and experience is second to none and has only ever got a smile on his face. Our small team that climbed the mountain became well know between other groups as we were always singing and laughing along route. The Other guides and climbers would often ask why this was so that we were having so much fun and our response was that we were just all friends the whole team and that the journey is the most important experience and fun not just the summit.

    That was the best bit of advice I could give anyone is that it’s all about the journey up and down, not just the half an hour you spend on the top of Africa. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or team of friends. Amani Afrika is a group of people who really know how to provide a great experience and adventure from the moment you leave home. It’s not all about the destination but the paths you walk to get there and that they make a fantastic experience. People who love what they do really do a job differently.


    Will (Australia) 2009

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