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    Summer Camps

    Summer Camps
    Summer Camps

    Summer is usually a kid’s favorite season.  School is out, the weather is warm and your child has endless free time.  This time could be spent playing video games, watching T.V., possibly getting into trouble or you could use the time to let your child have fun and have a positive experience at a summer camp.  This is where a community service summer program could be a great opportunity.

    These alternative summer camps are targeted toward troubled teens that are looking for a place to fit in, or experience some personal growth that will help sort out behavioral or emotional problems. A lot of these camps are tailored toward individuals suffering from ADHD, self-esteem issues, addictions, academic underachievement, etc.

    Through proven therapeutic processes, the camps aim to help students discover their full potential and overcome any emotional, psychological or behavioral issues or tendencies. The goal is to use the natural world around us to teach the students real-life principles that are imperative to a normally functioning, healthy being.

    From river rafting to hiking to archery to horseback riding to camping, campers get to experience nature in a secure, safe and fun environment. Staffed by skilled professionals and counselors, these camps are wonderful options when it comes to ensuring your child becomes the healthiest, well-rounded person they can be.

    They will learn how to appropriately and successfully interact with others around them, themselves and the world. A lot of alternative camps feature some kind of 12-step program to aid in battling addiction, as well as one-on-one counseling and group counseling to approach any issues that may be plaguing the student.

    These summer service programs are wonderful options when it comes to planning out your summer. Children who attend the camp often return home having had a blast, made a ton of new friends and with improved behavior and a better emotional state. Not only do the campers enjoy the time spent at the camps, but they also can bring back and apply what they learned in order to better their relationships with their family and friends.

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