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Study Tours of Italy

Study Tours of Italy
Tuscan Villa
Tuscan Villa
Tuscan Villa

A trip to Italy can be many things–a beach vacation, a tour of the Tuscan countryside, an exploration of historical areas, or it can be a chance to learn about cooking, art, archeology, or the beautiful Italian dialect. In fact, your Italian holiday can be all of those things rolled into one.

There are many opportunities for educational experiences while on vacation in Italy. For hundreds of years, people have flocked to Italy to fill their educational needs, especially about Italian cuisine and the beautiful language.


The most popular of the study tours are cooking and cuisine. Most people take cooking classes to learn how to prepare Italian food. When they get home, they can prepare Italian feasts for their friends and family rather than just telling them about the wonderful foods they had while it Italy.

Italian cooking classes give insight into the Italian culture you will not find in architecture and art, and each area of the country has its own specialties. You get a chance to learn from the locals and engage with them on a personal level. Italians are extremely passionate about food and it is a main part of its culture. Classes abound in every city, and many small towns and all across the countryside, and they can range from just a few hours to several weeks. There are classes to meet your needs, regardless of what your desire is surrounding learning to cook Italian.


If learning all about the beautiful Italian language is your aim, there are schools around the country that will help you do just that. Typically, the tuition you pay for these schools covers not only your language classes but also allows you to stay with local families. Lodging with the locals lets you soak up their traditions, way of life, and family dynamics while being immersed in the language you are learning. What better way could there be to get the authentic Italian experience than spending quality time with a local family? This will definitely help enrich your learning experience. Class lengths ranges from one week up to four weeks depending on your how good your initial Italian knowledge is.

There are many schools throughout Italy but some of the most popular schools are located in cities such as Florence, Genova, Vibo Valenta, Topea, Calabria as well as Siena and Montepuliciano, all of them beautiful cities in which to study and take in the sites at the same time.

If cooking or languages are not your cup of tea, there are study tours of historical sites, arts and artists, photography, religious sites, and archaeology among other things. Whatever kind of education you want, the country provides many opportunities to learn about what most interests you while also allowing the beautiful backdrop of the beautiful countryside, towns and cities that are Italy, and enjoy the experience as you further your education.

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