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Spending the Summer in Israel

Spending the Summer in Israel

If you intend spending the summer yet are not a lover of the heat then you can only be described in one way – a masochist. Summers in Israel are long, hot, and humid. It is rare to encounter a drop of rain and there is little respite even in the evenings, especially around Tel Aviv and its environs.

Tel Aviv
Summer in IsraelAna Paula Hirama / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

For sun lovers, look no further than Tel Aviv and its immediate surroundings. Although you don’t actually need a car to get around in Tel Aviv, car rental in Tel Aviv is readily available and it may be worth your while renting a car to access some of the less popular but very highly regarded beaches such as Beit Yanai and Michmoret which are approximately half an hour drive from Tel Aviv.

So other than perhaps a hire car, what else will you need if you decide to spend the summer in Israel. Accommodation is always desirable and can be difficult to come by in peak season. In Israel you have everything from the best five star hotels to backpacker lodgings and everything in between but it is always worth booking in advance. Other than accommodation, you won’t need much more than swimming gear, suntan lotion, a beach towel, some spending money, and perhaps a good book or your MP3 player.

There are numerous beach cafes scattered along the shores of Israel’s beaches. Try a café barad – an iced coffee in the form of a slurpee, or a limonana – a lemonade with mint leaves for a refreshing hit. These cafes often also serve watermelon with salty Bulgarian cheese, a very interesting taste sensation.

If the humidity gets too much but you like the heat, the Jerusalem nights allow some respite from the 70% percent humidity of the center. Similarly, Eilat in the south and the Dead Sea have a drier heat but temperatures that exceed those in the center. It may be a degree or two cooler in the north in the evenings but no substantial difference from the center.  In short, Israel is a tiny country and in summer there is no place to hide.

Notwithstanding this fact, Israel really tends to come alive in summer with the magnificent Mediterranean coastline presenting the perfect   canvas for sun worshippers to enjoy themselves around the clock. From those who enjoy to play the local beach game of mad-kot (pronounced mud cot) to those who prefer to rotate from their stomachs to their backs, nothing could be hotter…or cooler than spending summer in Israel.