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Some Facts to Know About the Cyprus


Cyprus is a beautiful and the third-largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is to the south of Turkey having a Mediterranean climate. Cyprus is famous for its beautiful mountainous backdrop, pristine sandy beaches, taverns and friendliness. The beautiful island is a wonderful holiday destination due to its location in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea with wonderful weather throughout the year. The island has numerous attractions and places of historical and cultural interests. Cyprus being a popular destination has constant flow of tourists round the year. Besides, Cyprus is generally a safe country with low crime rate. Thus, you can consider traveling to Cyprus at any time.

The most popular thing about Cyprus is that the most famous mythical God Aphrodite is said to have born here, who is the Greek God of love and beauty. It has many historical sites and a rich cultural heritage. Cyprus has a very pleasant climate. The weather is fair throughout the year. The country has Mediterranean sort of climate, with good sunshine even in the winter and less rainfall. With numerous coastal beaches and stunning mountainous ranges, Cyprus is a great holiday destination. The traditional music of the land shares its similarities with the Greek mainland and island folk music. The most common musical instruments used include lute, violin and the Cyprus flute called “pithkiavlin”. Sousta, tatsia, syrtos, zeibekikos and the karsilamas are typical dances of the place. The cheese was originally made in this country which is popularly called as halloumi by the local people here.

There are many tourists attractions worth visiting. There are number of museums worth visiting. Cyprus is a home of pristine coasts to indulge in fun activities. The beaches in Kyrenia and Lefke offer ample opportunity to the adventure lovers to enjoy water sports such as parascending, water skiing, wind surfing, diving and jet skiing.

Cyprus is around 4 hours only traveling from UK airports. Cyprus is served by two international airports: Paphos Airport and Larnaca Airport. Thus, Cyprus can be reached from any corner of the world. If you are planning for your Cyprus holidays and desire to explore the island then it is better to plan out to enjoy your holidays. It will be easy for you to enjoy the beauty of the island and have fun filled holidays if you book your accommodations, flights and rental car in advance. Cyprus car hire is an ideal way if you desire to tour along the coastline that is about 400 miles. You can even track the mountainous Troodos by renting a car. When you plan to travel to Cyprus, it is better to book online in advance to avoid last hour rush. So, if you are planning for your holiday trip or business trip to Cyprus, travel with peace of mind by booking your car hire in advance and get great deals.