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    Simple Ways to Save on Travel

    Save on Travel
    Save on Travel

    How to Save for Travel

    It’s the start of a new year and you are just starting to think about what holiday to take this year. The thought of jetting away to a sun filled paradise may seem like a dream when reality comes crashing in and you remember your finances. Here are some savvy ways to make that sun filled dream an on budget reality.

    1. Look for last minute deals: Many airlines and hotels advertise last minute deals are fantastic prices to ensure a plane is filled up or that empty room is filled. An off peak season means great savings so be flexible with your travelling dates and you could save a hefty sum.

    2. Always search the internet for discount codes. Websites like promotionalcodes.com or moneysavingexpert.com regularly update their sites with some amazing discount codes that can save you up to 15% off the cost of your flight, hotel or car hire!

    3. Many airlines now charge you to check in at the airport. Check in online, take only hand luggage or 1 main suitcase per family and organize your own travel insurance. This can reduce your flight ticket costs by around £50 for very little extra effort.

    4. If you have already booked your holiday and then discover that the fare has reduced significantly ring your airline and ask for a refund. Most airlines will charge you to cancel a flight so make sure the gain is worth the hassle – if it is simply cancel your flight and rebook and the lower rate there and then on the phone. Registering with websites like yapta.com for your flights or autoslash.com for car hire, will let you track your holiday costs and as soon as the price drops you get an email notification.

    5. Make sure you take the best payment method with you. If you want to take cash make sure you keep it in a safe place. Research where will give you the best exchange rate and avoid paying commission. Make sure that if you have currency left over that the provider will change the cash back without taking another commission. If taking your debit or credit card make sure that you are getting the rates. Many providers charge a conversion fee – look for providers that do not charge a fee and apply for one of these cards well in advance.

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