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    Reducing the Debt of Travelling

    Seeing the world can be an expensive past time, spending on the greater side of £1000 for a round the world ticket and then you have all the expenses of food, accommodation and of course the experiences that come hand in hand with the travels.

    Image by debtconsolidation (http://www.flickr.com/photos/debt-consolidation/)

    Luckily, there are opportunities available for the cash strapped traveller that will help when travelling around the world. Places that are used to backpackers passing through may have jobs available, fruit picking being the prime opportunity, this can be an enjoyable activity as you may find yourself travelling to a vineyard with a group of likeminded travellers, spending the days in hard labour in the heat, but you may just get all the wine you could drink and make some friends on the way.

    The agricultural sector in Australia is enormous and there is an abundance of crops to picked all over the country, a smart traveller can plan where it is you are going to travel by when the harvesting period is for the produce grown in that area. This can be tricky to work out, but can be done with great effect and lessening the burden of the costs of accommodation and food.

    This is just one method of lessening the financial impact but you can sign up to the services such as couchsurfing.com which connects people with a spare settee to people who like you want to see the world without incurring the costs. Hitchhiking is another great method of keeping the costs down but is not always recommended, depending on where about in the world you are.

    There are many voluntary schemes available, which on the face of it seems like it’s not really a way to make any money which is right. But there are opportunities to save money as some organisations will provide food and lodgings, but again there is a huge grey area in this as many companies will charge an up front referral cost to cover such expenses and can leave you well out of pocket. The best way to find these kind of opportunities is to apply before you go as to have your journey planned out.

    There are other ways to make money using the internet if you think you are going to be able to access the web over your journeys. If you are smart about it, then you could end up making just as much money as you are spending. Three steps to making money online, set up a blog and try to blog your experiences, take great photos and write reviews.

    Setting up a blog site you can get some money from the Google Adsense if you happen to build up a decent following. Taking high quality pictures and selling them, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a skilled photographer you can attempt to sell the works on the many stock photo sites situated around the web such as Getty images or Shutter point, it might not be a way of making quick money but over the course of your travels it could end up buying you a meal or two.

    Another great service is on beforeyoubackpack.com, a site that will pay you $5 for every review of accommodation you make, and in Asia and places where the accommodation is cheap anyway you can find that this pays for your nights sleep.

    You are going to spend a whopping amount of cash no matter where you go, but if you plan effectively you can definitely subsidise your trip abroad and possibly lengthen the trip with some of these money making ideas.

    Andy is a keen traveller and internet guru currently working for Sanctuary Spa Holidays. Find his ramblings and advice on Twitter @andym23

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