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Reasons to Visit Cyprus

Reasons to Visit Cyprus

When you’re thinking of booking a holiday, one of the first things you think of is what the weather is going to be like once you’re there, and how hot it will be, so if you want guaranteed hot weather you should look no further than the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. If you’re wondering why, then read on:

340 days of sunshine – Cyprus is the hottest island in the Med, with temperatures hitting a sizzling 37°C in August, and the sun shining for around 340 days a year makes it the ideal location to get away from the British weather.

There’s so much to see and do – There’s literally something for everyone on the island, be it historic sightseeing, lazy days on the beach or even partying hard; you’ll find that you always have something to do. There are many annual festivals and events throughout the year; such as Anthestiria – the celebration of the arrival of Spring. Expect flowers, street markets and side shows.

There’s also the flood festival; Kataklysmos, where the streets are lined with concerts, games, fairs, dance troupes and water sports shows on the waterfront, but prepare to get wet! For classic car lovers, there’s the International Historic Car Rally, where people come from all over the world to show off their prized vintage vehicles.

If you want to see the sights, then there’s Aphrodite’s Rock, the birthplace of the Greek Goddess of love, the Villa of Thesus, the medieval castle of Limassol or Maa-Palaeokastro, a settlement dating back to 1200BC.

For those who love to sunbathe, then there are plenty of Blue Glaf beaches where you can top up your tan, or enjoy various different water sports in the sea.

Troodos Mountains – If you want to take a hike, then the Troodos Mountains are the perfect place, giving unrivalled views of the island. parts of the mountains are covered in snow, meaning you can go skiing or snowboarding, or if you just want to enjoy the local culture, there are many churches, houses and hotels across the mountain range.

Local food – Cypriot cuisine is like no other; with many different foods available that you won’t experience anywhere else. Sample the signature dish of Cyprus; Meze, which can contain up to 30 small dishes, consisting of meat, eggs, olives, yoghurt, salad, cheese and pita bread. At the end of it, you’ll be absolutely stuffed but will not be able to get anything like it back home!

Nightlife – Ayia Napa is the 2nd party capital of the world behind Ibiza, with many of the world’s top DJs hitting the island every summer to perform infront of thousands of revellers.