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Ready? Set? GO!

Ready?  Set?  GO!
Image by Alaskan Dude

What are you doing this weekend?  Have any plans?  No?  Then it’s time to grab the backpack/rolling suitcase/fanny-pack/luggage of your choice and get out the door!  Thanks to the internet, there are last minute travel deals that can be grabbed easily and with just a few clicks, you’ll be out the door and on your way.

last minute travel deals
Image by Alaskan Dude

What do you mean you’re not ready to go?  That you have to plan? 

Alright, so maybe you’re not to the point of throwing care and caution to the wind just yet and are the type to plan out every aspect of your vacation.  I can respect that.  However, if you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, you’ve got to be ready to jump on opportunities.  Let’s talk about how you can become more comfortable grabbing a bag as you run out the door.


One of the easiest things you can do to be ready to get out the door in a hurry, be it for a great travel opportunity or because you’re a federal witness with the mob after you, is to keep a bag stashed under the sink with all your essential toiletries.  My “to-go bag” has doubles of almost everything I use on a regular basis, just in smaller quantities.  Spare toothbrush, small toothpaste, floss, shaving cream, heavy-duty quart sealable sandwich bag, etc, etc.  All I need to do is grab the bag and I know I’ve got everything in there and thus, won’t forget a thing.


  • Carry-on rules tend to change and update, stay on top of the TSA website
  • The sealable bag is to throw all liquids into so they 1) don’t leak 2) can easily get through security lines
  • Many manufacturers make combination body wash and shampoo.  Find some and store it in a three ounce bottle to cut down on stuff you carry
  • Never underestimate the power of floss, nail clippers and breath mints


Unless you’re traveling somewhere tropical you’re likely going to need more than a bathing suit and pair of flip-flops, right?  If you’re traveling to someplace where you need less than that…well, more power to you.

Repeat after me: Layers are my friend.  With just a few basic items that can be layered, you’re going to be covered for around 80% of wherever you’re headed.  My constant go to clothing items when I travel are things like quick-drying, light weight button down shirts and “convertible” pants.  The shirts are great because you can just wash them in the sink, hang them to dry, tuck them in to look fancy, pop the collar to keep your neck from getting charred and roll down the sleeves at night when there’s a chill.  The pants, while not always the most stylish, can look like regular khakis when they need to (fancy dinners, religious sites and temples) and shorts when I’m going for the more relaxed look.

Toss in something like a fleece vest, maybe some rain gear and a comfortable pair of shoes and I’m already out the door taking advantage of a last minute sale.  Pack well and travel safe, my friends!