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    Malta is positioned midway between Europe and Africa, in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta takes influences from its neighbours so North African and Arabic practices fuse with Sicilian culture to create a microcosm that is truly unique to experience.

    Image by Leeze (http://www.flickr.com/photos/leeze/)

    Malta is the largest of an archipelago of three islands with an assortment of architecture, cuisine and sights to enjoy. Gozo and Comino are the other two islands which make up the archipelago and are easily accessed from Malta if you fancy exploring further.

    It’s easy to reach Malta from Europe and North Africa. Air Malta is the national airline but various budget airlines offer this route too. All flights arrive at and depart from Malta International Airport which lies a mere 8 kilometres south of Valletta, a Unesco World Heritage site with one of the world’s most concentrated historic areas.

    Valletta has several fine examples of baroque architecture and having a wander around is the best way to take in the splendour of this small but interesting spot. Mdina is a walled medieval city with lots of charm whilst a trip to the small fishing village of Marsalokk makes for an interesting day. Take a trip there on Sunday morning if you fancy exploring the local fish market.

    As well as sightseeing, there are numerous opportunities for swimming, sailing, fishing and just about any other water activity imaginable. As there are no tides, the Maltese coastal waters are safe for swimming and year round temperate weather means there is never a bad time to visit this jewel of the Mediterranean.

    For inspiration and photographs to inspire your Maltese adventure, take a look at some blogs:

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    A great resource that discusses the history, myths and culture of Malta. Even better than the information and discussion are the photographs posted on this blog. A quick scroll through the selection will leave you pining for more.

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    A huge array of information on offer from a Maltese resident. Tips on car rental, area  guides, restaurant reviews and links to other handy resources, this is a good starting place to read about all things Malta.

    Travel with Den Den

    Malta Travel Guide

    A Lonely Planet recommended travel blog, there is information about various different destinations but a diverse array of information about Malta. Food, restaurants, partying, sightseeing, driving routes and more. A variety of information snippets which help you to plan a perfect Maltese trip.

    Malta Inside Out


    Written by a British expat, ‘Malta Inside Out’ is described as an ‘online magazine blog’. There are lots of links to other useful blogs as well as posts from Maltese residents, covering all sorts of areas. There are tips, knowledge and resources on living and working in Malta, Malta Holidays and much more. Just about everything you could ever need to know about Malta is covered here.



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