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    Pro and Cons of Living in Austin, Texas

    Pros and cons of living in Austin, Texas is it’s very hot city so the taxes property is higher, but the cost of living in Austin is very affordable.

    living in Austin, Texas We have heard from time to time that some countries are so much better to live compared to other countries. In this case, we are going to talk about living in Austin, Texas. Many people swear that living in Austin, Texas is what they want for the rest of their life, while other people choose not to do that. Everyone has their opinion and surely there is always the good side and bad side of a country including Austin (no one or in this case no country is perfect).

    Starting from the pro opinion of those who choose is living in Austin, Texas. The cost of living in Austin is very affordable especially compared to other states in the US. People in this city, especially the native people are also friendlier. Austin is also popular for the music festival that is held during spring and fall season every year. That is not all; Austin is also very protective to the local food business so practically everyone who comes to this city will find good food everywhere.

    Despite of many good things that this city has to offer, some people may not be suitable in living in Austin, Texas due to several reasons. The first reason is the heat. Those who can’t stand to heat may want to avoid Austin because the summer heat in this city could be extremely hot. There is also the reason about taxes property where the taxes in this city or in Texas generally are very high (it can go around 4% from the assessed value). When it comes to choose to live in Austin or not then it is all coming back to the persons themselves and hopefully it will be the best for them.

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