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Popular hill station of North India – Dalhousie


Beat the heat of Indian summer by taking a refreshing break in misty hills of Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie is a most beautiful and charming hill station of India and it is the popular honeymoon destination due to its charming beauty. Dalhousie was named after British viceroy Lord Dalhousie as it use to give retreat to British officers, it also has been the gateway to the magnificent Chamba district for a long time. A relatively vast region, it is spread across five hills, namely, Kathlog, Potreys, Tehra, Bakrota and Balun. Evolved from its regal lineage, the architecture and lifestyle still emanates and imperial feel to the place, prefect to keep the hectic schedule of marriage at bay. This hilly delight offers an ideal ambience for that magical start to your life.

Dalhousie is not too far from Delhi, Capital of India, which makes it one of the major hot spots for honeymoon couples. In spite of being extremely prominent on the travel map, Dalhousie has a plethora of untouched savoring – the widespread landscapes, idyllic valleys, ancient temples or just free flowing streams. The pine and cedar forests make an enchanting backdrop for long walks and indulgent conversations.

For couples who wear adventure on their sleeves, Dalhousie is the perfect base camp for mild to heavy treks. Spend some days at the Pangi Valley, its raw beauty and the mild-mannered Buddhist living there are ethereal. Tempo Holidays offers several North India Tour package which cover Dalhousie.

To get a glimpse of the wildlife in Dalhousie, stay at forest rest house of Kalatope. An easy stop to make before you reach Kalatope is Bata Pathar, an ancient temple of the middle of the forest makes it a captivating spot. The most exquisite destination off Dalhousie is Khajjar, a picturesque meadow like spot, in the middle of dense forest. A lake, a golf course and a quaint temple add to the intrigue of the place.

The sinuous hills of Dalhousie call for long languid walks and getting lost in the historical extravaganza of churches. St. Andrew’s Church, St. Patrick’s Church at Balun, St. Francis’ Church at Subash Chowk and St. John’s Church at Gandhi Chow are definitely a must-see places. The other local tourist attractions are Subhash Baoli, Satdhara and Panipulla. Enjoy a cup of tea in the company of majestic snow capped mountains at the Subhash Baoli. Named after Subhash Chandra Bose, the Baoli is a great spot for viewing the mountains. Satdhare and Panjpulla are also popular amongst tourist. Satdhara as its names suggest is the culmination of seven springs which have medicinal properties. Panjpulla is famous for its five bridges under which natural waters flow from the adjoining hills.

The stunning destination in Tour of India – Dalhousie, is best enjoyed at a casual pace, taking in the serene atmosphere of the place. A hill station can be visited throughout any time and in any whether, it will never disappoint you. But during the months of May to September, you can find the town buzzing with tourists. We suggest you to avoid summer holiday period as you may find large number of people visit during this period. It is advisable to visit hill station in quieter months so you get enjoy the charm of the nature.