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Popular destinations for chartering a yacht


One of the most exotic and unique ways of taking a holiday is to take your travel into your own hands and sail. If you’re one of the many people not lucky enough to have your own, you can easily charter one. With a sailing or motor yacht charter, you’ll be able to see some of the world’s most beautiful areas at your own pace – as well as experiencing the adventure of the open sea.

Here are some of the world’s most popular destinations for sailing holidays – and a little on why:

The Caribbean:

To many people, the Caribbean is synonymous with a sailing vacation. The tight grouping of small and large islands in the Caribbean sea is perfect for sailing between. Throughout the region, the waters are clear and beautiful and sail boats also benefit the favourable winds.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that throughout the region the weather varies from tropical to sub-tropical – and that it contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Each island is distinct from the last, from both the indigenous culture to the hugely diverse range of flora and fauna found inland. The only negative aspect that could possibly be levelled at the Caribbean is that out-of-season, the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes a little hostile. Still, a careful eye on weather updates.

Canary Islands:

This Atlantic archipelago is a close second to the Caribbean in terms of exotic locales and beautiful scenery. Although sailing between the eight different islands is less of a challenge than traversing the Caribbean, these former Spanish colonies offer an ideal climate as well as the opportunity to experience a huge mixture of cultures and historical influences. The island’s have been a landmark on maritime maps since the days of Ancient Greece and has formed a crucial stop on later transatlantic voyages.

The Mediterranean:

Although all of the European coastline offers substantial attractions for sailing vacations, the Mediterranean is one the most exceptional. This is due to both the wide varieties of cultures clustered into this corner of the world and – again – the exceptional climate and clear waters. Sunbathing opportunities are on hand at any stretch of the coast and the exquisite regional cuisine offers different delights in each port. Common across all of the Mediterranean’s beautiful destinations (Spain, Italy, Greece, among others) though is a penchant for the world’s freshest seafood, passionate and vibrant people and a laid back culture of casual recreation.