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Planning a Vacation


Planning a vacation can be a challenge. I have been chosen as ‘point-man’ by my group of friends in planning this year’s winter vacation to somewhere warm, safe and affordable. I was first thinking of Cuba because I have never been there myself and was curious to see it before Fidel was gone. But concerns over warm weather beat out that choice. Next on my list was Dominican Republic, weather at that time of the year will not really be an issue but a couple of the guys that would be traveling with us have been there multiple times and don’t feel like going back. Anyways I hit the web in search of travel blogs to find out what other choices I might have but the truth is if the Canadian dollar keeps rising we might just go somewhere awesome like Hawaii, I don’t think there are casino’s there and that seems to be one of the unwritten rules of traveling with my buddies. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a 1.25 dollar in the next few months. That way there will be many other opportunities for affordable travel.

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