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    Packing tips for holidays in Thailand

    If you’ve got a holiday to Thailand lined up, chances are you’ll be caught up in planning all the exciting details,  like what you’ll do and where you will stay? Whether to book a cheap hotel in Bangkok or check into a big luxury resort? However, it’s also worth sorting out some of the more practical elements well in advance too, such as packing, just to avoid any last-minute panic before you set off.

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    Holidays in ThailandBenh LIEU SONG / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

    Now, on any holiday packing list, there’s a fair amount of overlap between what you need in various destinations. After all, it’s not like you’ll be going anywhere you won’t want things like clothes and a book or two for the journey! But, there are some particular bits and bobs you should keep in mind when packing for trips to Thailand, so I’ve put together a quick list of some of the key things below.


    Ok, so, the first thing on pretty much all packing lists is clothing. Thailand’s got a year-round average temperature of 31 degrees C, so you need to prepare for heat. This means getting your hands on light, loose, cotton-based clothing, which is pretty much the best thing for keeping cool.

    Obviously the temptation here is to go for shorts, strappy tops and the like, but don’t forget to pack some long trousers/skirts and long sleeves too. These are handy for two reasons: firstly, they’ll help prevent you being eaten alive by bugs; secondly, you’ll need to cover up a bit when visiting temples and other sacred sites (visible shoulders are a big no-no).

    Having a tropical climate, Thailand has rainy seasons, so you need to come prepared for wet weather too. Generally speaking, there is least chance of rain between November and March (or from June to September on Koh Samui). Broadly, it is wet between May and mid-June, and then from August, with the wettest months being September and October, though this does vary slightly between regions.

    If you’re travelling during the rainy season, you shouldn’t just come armed with an umbrella and raincoat (though these are a must) – make sure you pick up some shoes that dry out quickly, and clothes with that same quality. Speaking of shoes, it is well worth remembering to bring some sturdy footwear, since it’s easy to get blisters when traipsing around the mains sights all day.


    It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll forget to pack your camera, but make sure you’ve also got a charger and/or spare batteries on your list, and check the amount of space you’ve got on your memory card. If you’re about to run out, either delete some pictures (making sure you’ve got them backed up first!) before you leave, or buy a new memory card.

    Next, don’t forget to bring at least one England-Thailand travel adaptor. It’s well worth chucking several in your bag if you’re packing a lot of electrical bits and bobs to make sure you can charge everything when you need to.

    Medicine and more

    Well before your departure date, visit the doctor and check whether there are any inoculations you need (this does change from time to time, so even if you think you know what’s required, it’s worth doing this). While you’re there, make sure you get a top-up of any regular medicines you take that you may run out of during your break.

    You should also head to the local pharmacy and pick up some strong sunscreen (a high SPF is pretty much essential in Thailand, especially if you’re pale) and insect repellent. Admittedly, you can get the latter in most Thai shops, but it’s worth actually having it on when you arrive.

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