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    Pack Your Bags!

    5 Rules to Follow When Packing for a Big Vacation

    Packing for that big vacation can almost feel like a big vacation in itself – after you’ve lost your “to-do” list, finally found that special someone to take care of your dog while you’re off, off, and away, and located the perfect place to stow away your vehicle while you’re gone, packing all of your big bags may feel like climbing a staircase to hades– but it doesn’t have to.

    Pack Your Bags
    Pack Your Bags

    Here are five simple rules to follow when packing for your next destination away

    • 1.Organization, Organization, Organization!

    Sure, when you first planned your getaway you told yourself you’d only need to bring the bare basics, but now that your special week has arrived, you’ve found that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Plus, you are now wondering where the leather shoes your sister gave you for Christmas are, because they’d be perfect for that salsa club you are going to be visiting. Have no fear – all you need is the perfect bag for your perfect trip out of here.

    • 2. All You Need For Your Weekends is a Weekend Bag

    Packing your bags for your next monumental trip away may feel daunting, but have no fear! All that is truly needed as a staple to your fashion regalia is a light, compact, weekend bag. Weekend bags provide the perfect housing for all of your bathroom tools and essential grooming products, and gently promise to meet all of your vacationing needs. Deceptively small, they dedicate themselves to housing all of your unmentionables and personal wear for months. The good news is they are easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to store, and out-perform themselves long past the weekend.

    • 3. Think You Only Need T-Shirts? Think Twice

    Sure, you’re a minimalist. But just in case on your last day of vacation you happen to fall into step with that hottie on the other end of the bar who wants to meet up with you later for drinks, you’ll wish you had prepared accordingly in the clothing department. Thankfully, there’s a great new range of reem basics clothing to rack up and check out should this problem arise. Now, while the basic tee is a practical and fundamental item in everyday use, you’ll need to include a few separate pieces that transcend your original vacation plan. A few “just-in-case” models will more than likely end up doing you enormous favors when that surprise curve-ball lands on your hotel doorstep. Keep the majority of your clothing location-specific, but if you are traveling to a predominately warm, beachy area for instance, throw a few key items into your carry-on that contrast that, such as printed-front polo with distinct sleeves or a fitted long-sleeve dress shirt with contrasting fabric.

    • 4. Keep It Light Even When You’re Heavily Traveling

    If the sun isn’t going to be shining as brightly as you’d have it where you are destined to vacation, stay warm and light with a hooded, fleece-lined parka that will guarantee to protect you from extremities and keep you looking hot as you brave different weather conditions. The great thing about most of these jackets is that they wear well and are convenient for travel with their multiple inside/outside pockets and variety of drawstrings. Of course, you are also going to want to include a few zippered hoodies, preferably one with a mock-leather tabbed drawstring or a patterned print. If you’re really serious about saving yourself some time and space, you might also want to opt for one of the aforementioned hoodies that has built-in headphones, and you’ll never be in danger of losing your cool on the plane ride home.

    • 5. Back to Bags

    By this time, you’ll need just one more bag in which to fit your precious cargo and help house your vacation essentials. Both your beach gear and winter wear can be packed tightly away in an on-the-go carry-on, carry-off, multi-purpose sports bag perfect for travel. The great thing about these bags is that they are small enough to cart around, large enough to contain a large variety of your wardrobe, and also are capable of giving you a public opportunity to represent your favorite basketball or sports team, all while keeping yourself looking great!

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