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Metropolitan areas in the interior areas of Mexico


A lot of Mexico’s interior is mainly desert landscapes, especially to the north. The majority of the populace lives in the big cities while other parts are used for agriculture. Here are a few of these places that you can visit.

Located 80 miles from the Mexican capital city and near to the renowned Sierra mountains. It really is popular for their ancient buildings for example the Cathedral which includes fourteen chapels. It really is the largest Cathedral found within Mexico and stands at a height of nearly 230ft. The town provides numerous very good museums and galleries, which includes the renowned Museo Ampara. From inside of the city of Puebla, you can see numerous volcanoes on the horizon which includes Malinche, and also Popocatépetl.

Morelia is actually a town which even now preserves an environment and feeling that can be compared to that of Spain and possesses hardly any modern day structures and buildings. A fascinating drawing card in the town will be the butterflies which travel from the USA as well as Canada every year to the close by mountains of Morelia.

Monte Albán:
The city of Monte Albán had been a sacred city in ancient times for the Zapotec culture. The amazing plaza, game court, as well as a lot of the tombs usually are available and open to the public. It’s an incredible structure located on a mountain and should be seen.

Tepotzotlán can be found 27 miles from the Mexican capital city, it is famous and well known for their Cathedral of San Francisco Javier, which happens to be decorated with well over three hundred large statues of angels.

San Cristobel de las Casas:
It is a great town with a lovely atmosphere. Throughout the year, a number of Mexican festivals are held in this town which are worth seeing.

Tepoztlán is definitely a beautiful and peaceful community which is set in a very breathtaking environment. Situated inside a valley and encircled by stunning mountains. People may go up these mountain ranges. It is going to be challenging but worthwhile due to the wonderful sights over the actual community and encompassing hillsides.

Guadalajara is an agricultural and industrial town. Guadalajara has a Cathedral with 11 different altars, 30 columns as well as a large art collection. You will find lots of parks such as the Parque Agua Azul and the Parque de las Armas. There is a yearly festival that takes place during October.

San Luis Potosi:
The town of San Luis Potosí is 350km from Guadalajara. This is a wealthy mining and agricultural region.

Toluca can be found 41 miles towards the west from the Mexican capital city. It sits inside of a valley and it has the Nevado de Toluca, a large extinct volcano. The city includes a very good marketplace as well as numerous intriguing museums and galleries. In the area are the communities of Chiconcuac as well as Metepec. Calixtlahuaca is around 5 miles to the north of Toluca and is actually a fascinating Aztec region that is great to visit.

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