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Las Vegas Hotels: Go Big or Go Home…Broke

Las Vegas Hotels: Go Big or Go Home…Broke

When it comes to hotels in Las Vegas, or at least the ones on the strip, there’s no better way to describe them than out of this world. Every major strip hotel in Las Vegas is themed and you can choose from Pirates, to The Beatles, to an Italian Renaissance theme and you can even stay in a pyramid. Las Vegas is truly the city that welcomes and caters to every personality, every taste and every desire. That’s why it’s the city of sin. And big money. But there’s a lot more to booking the perfect trip in Las Vegas than just picking the biggest and baddest room of them all.

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Here are a few tips that anyone can use to make the most of a trip to Las Vegas.

  • Don’t think you have to stay on The Strip. Most people think that if you want to go to Vegas to experience The Strip then you have to choose a pricey hotel on The Strip. But this simply isn’t true. Las Vegas has a Strip shuttle service that goes from Old Vegas down the Strip and to many of the outer area hotels. It can be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle to get a good night’s sleep once in a while, even if that’s only a few hours.
  • Don’t pay for a room you’re not going to be in…ever. Vegas is not the city you go to in order to lay in your room and watch television all day. You’ll also spend very little of your night in the room either. With all the shows, casinos and restaurants around, not to mention other attractions, you’re likely to spend less than 20% of your day in your room. For most people, it’s less than 10% of the day. Don’t pick a pricey hotel if you don’t intend to spend time there.
  • The casinos are inside the hotels. So are the restaurants. So are most of the shows and attractions. Even museums are inside some of the hotels! If everything you really want to do is inside one hotel, choose that hotel!
  • Remember that Vegas is an outside event. You’ll do a lot of walking and 90% of it will be outside. Don’t pick a hotel that is on the opposite end of The Strip from where you want to be in the rainy season. Waiting for the shuttle or walking up and down The Strip in the rain can be miserable.
  • Look up everything you want to do in advance. For trips on the fly this can be impossible, but it can help you pick the right hotel with the right services, like a good concierge, the perfect restaurant or the best shows in town with ticket reserves for guests.

Remember, Las Vegas isn’t all about who has the most money. It’s about who is smartest with their money and comes most prepared. Spend your budget wisely for your hotel and book smart and you’ll look smart with every double down you make.