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    Keeping your travel options open

    I don’t know about you, but one of the things I appreciate most about the world today, is the vast array of options that we have, thanks to the internet. Gone are the days of having one family holiday a year. Our grandparents used to book their family holiday in January, and travel in August. Two weeks in Benidorm were the sum total of their travel options for a whole year.

    Keeping your travel options open
    Keeping your travel options open

    Once the choice was made, that was it! Off they went, to the sunny Spanish coast, and they never imagined a day when people could have five, six or more holidays a year. Fortunately, things have moved on since then, and it’s a great advantage to have short and long breaks available all year round.

    What about a different starting point?

    A great tip is to start from different airport in your own country. You can check out all the possible destinations available, and that might spark some new ideas. You don’t have to move from your desk to do that. There’s a good selection at eDreams and you can play around with different connecting flights to reach pretty much any destination in the world. I bet you will find some fabulous destinations that you haven’t considered before. Just by researching these practical details, you can stumble across some dream locations that are well worth trying out.

    Design your own itinerary

    For some people, package holidays are ideal. You don’t have to do any planning, and there will be a holiday rep who can take care of all your questions. That’s not the way I like to travel, though. I like to experiment with different modes of transport and choose my own accommodation. It takes a little bit more work in advance, but I know that everything will be chosen with my own personal taste in mind. Usually, I will have a day or two in a restful location, ideally with beach and pool. This will be followed by something active, like rafting or pony trekking. After that, I will choose a final destination that is luxury itself, and I will return home fit, healthy and relaxed.

    Holidays where and when you want them

    I have never understood why people go back to the same place every year. One of the biggest pleasures of travel today is discovering something new. We all love to go where no blogger has gone before, pushing back the frontiers of travel writing, and coming back to write all about it. I remember going to the coast of Brittany, and looking out to sea, thinking all the while about the huge Atlantic Ocean and the distance from there to America. We are duped into thinking that the world has become smaller, simply because our media give us a window into every corner of the world. It is only when you visit these places of your dreams that you realise just how huge and amazing the world really is.

    Choices, choices

    It should be quite obvious by now that one of the great delights in life can be weighing up your potential options. Planning future adventures can be almost as much fun as going on the trips themselves! In fact, sometimes you can discover incredible bargains or interesting new ideas when you are busily researching your next trip. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can dream, plan and book, all from the comfort of your own sofa. Speaking of which, it’s time for a coffee and some travel blog surfing. So where shall we head for next …?

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