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It’s Relaxation Time – 12 Unbelievably Relaxing Vacations

It’s Relaxation Time – 12 Unbelievably Relaxing Vacations
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Relaxing Vacations
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Ready, set, go — it’s vacation time and all plans are in motion. Luggage packed, pets safely placed in a kennel for a vacation of their own, doors locked and transportation ready and waiting. It’s time to head out and make that dream vacation a reality.

For those living in Canada, a relaxing vacation can be found by contacting Canadian Travel. Whether your vacation goals are to stick close to home or travel the world, Canadian Travel will help you put together the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation ever.

Favorite Beaches in Canada
Prefer to stick to land and close to home for your best vacation ever? The beaches of Kelowna and Enticton in British Columbia are fabulous for a romantic rendezvous; perhaps coupled with a relaxing wine tasting event on the water’s edge.

Consider setting sail on a vacation cruise discovering The Baltic area. This incredible location has it all, including fabulous cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helskinki. Stockholm is amazing, and most cruise lines offer exclusive tours that include detailed information about the city, as well as stops as local restaurants and botiques. After a day of discover, return to the ship to enjoy a cocktail and The Baltic’s fantastic sunset.

Take a Fantasy Break in Orlando
Orlando, Florida is certainly a popular destination because the area is filled with fun things to do, including a “never to be forgotten” trip to Disney. There are many travel packages available and easily found by searcing the Internet for “Packages for Disney World in Orlando”. Whether your trip is a family affair or a romantic get- away, it’s vacation time anytime you take a Disney World Orlando trip.

New England
Enjoying the seasons of New England always makes for some great, relaxing vacation escapes no matter what time of year. The States of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island offer everything from camping, fishing and skiing to a good, old time evening at a Boston Red Sox game or a freezing, snowy day at Foxboro Stadium to watch the New England Patriots play.

The Cape and Islands
In Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands are a blessing, with beaches galore, fresh water lakes and ponds, trails, lighthouses to explore and more.

Discover Martha’s Vineyard on the Cape and enjoy twenty miles of scenic splendor and perhaps a glimpse of some of the rich and famous, who choose the Vineyard as their choice vacation destination.

More Seclusion
If your idea of a New England or Cape Cod vacation is quiet, yet still entertaining, make Nantucket your vacation spot. Nantucket, Massachusetts is far less crowded than the Vineyard or Hyannis and can easily be reached by catching a ride on a quaint ferry out of Woods Hole or Hyannis. Nantucket, because of its location and slightly more out of the way location, offers unspoiled, scenic trails, as well as beautiful, secluded beaches.

More Excitement
If you prefer New England city life, check out Boston, Massachusetts and/or Providence, Rhode Island. Boston, the bigger of the two cities, houses a bevy of historical sites. Rhode Island is home to Brown University and many fantastic restaurants that are a true treat to those who enjoy dining at its best.

Let’s Go Exotic
Bora Bora are French Polynesian islands and incrediablly popular tourist spots. Vactioners travel to Bora Bora to enjoy pristine, white sandy beaches, marine life and magnificant lagoons. Popular accommodations include ocean-side bungalows with tiny porches overlooking the ocean in order to enjoy splendid Bora Bora sunsets.

Tree House Anyone?
Mix nature and culture in Kerala, India by booking a night or two in the Tree Houses of Kerala. These unique retreats are a real gem and, for the most part, unknown to locals and tourists alike. True naturalists thrive in the Tree House environment nestled in trees that shoot over 85 feet into the sky. Don’t worry about amenities, because these tree houses are equipped with all the basics to make a stay enjoyable.

Relax on a Safari
Africa happens to be the largest wild life reserve and making this trip is a gorgeous way to spend a vacation. South Africa offers some of the best safaris in the world and some of the best spas and beaches as well. A safari in South Africa is what one might imagineto be like traveling through heaven watching animals in their natural habitant all at the same time. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best vacations destinations ever on this earth.


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