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    How to Save On Your Next Vacation

    Saving On VacationFor many people the recent downturn in the global economy has made it even harder to save up money for their next vacation. If your in the majority you’re always wanting to save money and saving an extra $100 or more on your next vacation package could be the difference in having the money to take the trip or not. If you follow a few quick steps you can save big money on your next vacation package, hotel, or cruise.

    The formula for saving money is fairly simple and involves a combination of solidifying the vacation package of hotel you want to travel to, using multiple comparison websites, and then last but not least finding a coupon code, deal, or discount for the place you are booking. If you use this formula you can many times save 5% to 30% or more off your vacation package which can mean the difference between going on the trip or not going.

    Once you figure out the resort you are wanting to stay at or at least two or three different resorts then you can start the comparison process. When comparing your destinations between travel websites you will get a sense of which place is in your price range and which place you are going to get the most value for. So for example you have a resort in Miami that you are wanting to book and then you go to Expedia, Hotels.com, Travelocity, and Priceline to see who has the best price for the date you are wanting to go. You will need to also look for extra fees and costs associated with each booking because sometimes a deal can look better but once you get hit with the extra fees it wasn’t actually the lowest. Once you narrow it down to the top two or three travel websites price-wise then you can start into the next phase of this formula to save money on your travel.

    The next step is one that has become very popular in recent years and that is finding coupon codes, deals, and discounts for travel through websites that syndicate and search for specific deals for online travel agencies. So for instance lets say you came to the conclusion through your comparison that your Miami hotel of choice is the cheapest overall on Hotels.com and One Travel. Next you’re going to want to go to Google or your favorite search engine and look up coupon codes for these brands. You should be able to find codes that get you things such as 10% off, $100 off, or simply give you a free nights stay. These codes are usually fairly easy to find for the major travel brands.

    These formula for saving money on travel when booking online has been used by many people now who are regular travelers and even many businesses have caught on to being able to save thousands a year by simply looking up codes and coupons before they book the travel. So when you compare all of your vacation packages then on top of that apply coupons you will be seeing some of the deepest discounts available. Many new companies such as BuzzRaid on the coupons side and Groupon, JetSetter, and LivingSocial on the daily deals have made even luxury travel affordable so take advantage of this now. Even in a down economy there are still many ways to travel cheap while having a good time.

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    Jason is a travel writer for the travel deals website BuzzRaid where he not only writes about the latest travel deals but also updates deal sections including the Hotels.com coupon code and Travelocity promotional code sections.

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