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How to lower your Seychelles travel budget


Seychelles is an extremely popular tourist destination and has been internationally praised for its magnificent beaches. However, due to this popularity, it is also a relatively expensive destination. Many people would invariably disregard traveling to the Seychelles in the current economic climate due to the expenses involved. However, if you know how to keep your expenses to a minimum, that Seychelles trip you’ve been dreaming of forever is well within your grasp.

Book early
One reason for the high rates charged by hotels is the fact that they are usually in such demand. A lot of people want to go to the Seychelles for various reasons, such as honeymoons, and consequently the hotels can get away with charging sky high prices for their services. One way of spending less money on your accommodation is by booking your hotel room as early as possible.

Travel during the off-peak season
This is directly linked to booking your Seychelles accommodation early. While it is an excellent idea to book your hotel or resort early, it is even better to do so during the less busy seasons. Peak seasons, especially extremely busy periods such as Christmas and the holiday months, coincide with higher rates since travelers are inclined to spend more during the festive seasons and often pay less attention to how much they are actually spending.

Choose alternative accommodation
As expensive as the luxury hotels and resorts are, the Seychelles islands are also home to an excellent range of alternative accommodation. These tourist lodgings, which include self catering Seychelles villa, guesthouses, and small apartments, are much cheaper than 5 star hotels while nevertheless providing a quality choice. They also often provide a more intimate experience, which is why so many couples are instead opting to stay in villas.

Look for special deals
One of the nicest things about the Seychelles is that there is never a shortage of special deals and packages for tourists. As such, you should spend some time searching for offers that are in line with what you are looking for. This is easily done by searching on the Internet as there are many websites that focus exclusively on offering such Seychelles deals.

You should also look for bundles that include various facilities. For example, if you wish to drive a car while visiting the island, it is cheaper to find a bundle that includes a hotel as well as a reservation with a car rental company Seychelles. Due to the high demand for these kinds of deals, more agencies are now changing their offers to accommodate these requests.