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How to Have a Great Time At A Snowy Winter Lodge In Appalachia USA

How to Have a Great Time At A Snowy Winter Lodge In Appalachia USA
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Not everyone wants to spend a week on the beach under the sweltering sun with sand in every crevice. Some of us would prefer a quiet, cozy winter lodge in East Coast Appalachia, with snow gently falling all day and collecting on the gorgeous pines, with the winter sun filtering through the branches.

And you can do just that. Many winter lodge rentals are available in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina on Airbnb and other sites. So you can relax, unwind, go for a brisk hike, cross country ski, and of course, snuggle by a crackling fire.

If you opt for this luxurious winter getaway, we have some ideas to make sure you get the most out of it.

Use That Cozy Fireplace

Make sure that your winter cabin in the Appalachians comes with a big, deep fireplace so you can spend hours enjoying the sight and sounds of a crackling, roaring fire. When you sit next to that beautiful stone fireplace with an impressive, ornate mantel, it can melt weeks or months of work and life stress from your bones.

You definitely need to give it a try, especially to create that ambiance with your romantic partner.

Get Cabin Fever Out Of Your System

There aren’t as many things to do in the wintertime for many people in the US, but when you rent a cabin in the Smokies, you can take advantage of that winter weather. So whether you want to just chill by the fireplace or ski, hike, or shop, you can get a great break from the monotony of winter in the city with a winter cabin vacation.

Get That Outdoor Firepit Blazing

Ok, so you’ve spent some time cozied up inside next to the fireplace and hearth. Now it’s time to bundle up, strap on your boots, and walk through the snow to the firepit. After all, roasting marshmallows and making gooey smores isn’t just for the summer!

There’s something special about having a blazing fire in the pit with snow filtering around you in the fading winter evening. Many people who enjoy winter cabins in the Smokies enjoy spending plenty of time outside around the firepit with family and friends.

And when you’ve had enough of the bitter cold, you can always go back inside to the fire and have your hot cocoa.

Go For A Polar Bear Swim

Now, this is not for the faint of heart. But one of the best traditions that Russians have in the winter is to strip to their underwear (or naked, if you like) and take a quick dip into the icy lake or stream near their winter cottage.

Even some brave Americans are getting in on the fun. When your body hits that cold water, you’ll feel a blast of endorphins and dopamine that will make you want to do it again, believe it or not. But not for long. You shouldn’t spend more than a minute or two in the frigid water before hustling inside to warm up next to your crackling fire.

View The Gorgeous Smoky Mountains From The Porch

If you have a good view of these beautiful mountains in winter, step outside onto your porch, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the gorgeous mountains and valleys of this famous region.

There’s nothing quite like standing there, sipping hot chocolate in the frigid cold and viewing some of the most beautiful mountains that America has to offer.

You have so many options for a week of winter fun in the Smokies at winter cabins at all prices; we hope you give it a try soon!