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How to Experience Jamaican Culture on Your Cruise


A cruise is perhaps the best way to travel in an area like the Caribbean. Stopping at beautiful islands such as Jamaica or Aruba is a delightful ways to experience new locations and cultures, all while enjoying the comforts of a floating hotel room. Travellers won’t need to unpack daily or rush to make flights and trains, but can instead spend the time between destinations relaxing, enjoying upscale cuisine or having fun! On a cruise to Jamaica, it is important that those on cruise holidays remember to soak in some of the local culture during the time onshore. The island nation boasts friendly locals, delicious authentic cuisine and a rich heritage. Here are some ways to experience the culture of Jamaica on your cruise:

Plan in Advance: Rather than arriving on the shores of Kingston or Montego Bay without any knowledge of the area, spend a little time preparing for what to expect when you arrive. Decide what you want to explore and enjoy, and make a brief itinerary for the highlights you don’t want to miss. This way, you will be sure to get a chance to see the places and sights most important to you.

Savour the Flavour: Jamaicans are proud of the unique and delicious cuisine, so be sure to enjoy it at one of the many authentic restaurants. There are countless dining options, many of which are international fare suitable for tourists. While they are often tasty, try to have at least one meal which offers a more traditional meal. Try the local staple of ackee and salt fish, or perhaps the popular and well known jerk chicken, flavoured with distinct spices. For dessert, have a fresh mango in the summer months, or gnaw on a piece of local sugar cane for a truly unique sweet after your meal. For a local drink, try the Red Stripe Lager or a mixed drink featuring Jamaican rum.

Historical Landmarks: For a chance to better understand the history and heritage of the Jamaican people, a visit to few of the major historical landmarks is a great idea. Depending on where your cruise departs, there are many options to visitors. In Kingston, head to the Bob Marley Museum, 17th century pirate haunt Port Royal, or even the National Gallery of Jamaica. In the popular port of Falmouth, you can can walking tours of the historical districts, better understanding the colonial environment of the island, and admiring the older architecture. While the beaches are a highlight of the island, the colonial heritage is also an important part of what shaped the nation.

Meet the Locals: Whenever possible, brach out and do your best to talk to some of the local Jamaican residents. Not only will it allow you to glimpse into their culture, but it is a great way to realize just how friendly the locals truly are! English is spoken fluently, although some visitors may need to learn to understand the colloquial phrasings used by many. Be sure to introduce yourself to those you meet on your cruise and your time onshore in Jamaica.

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