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    Hotel vs Motel Budget Compare

    Hotel vs Motel have difference on the number of rooms, locations and the rate. Since the hotel give high end amenities, so the rate is higher than motel.

    hotel vs motel Hotel and motel are both the places where tourists stay while traveling. However, they have some differences. The most difference is that a hotel has a highest rate than a motel. Hotel vs motel are also different in size. The guests commonly need to pass elevators and/ or hallways to reach their rooms at hotels, yet in the motels, the rooms are commonly near the entrance area. Besides, hotel has many more rooms than a motel.

    The locations of hotel vs motel are also different. Hotels are commonly located in commercial areas with great safety and comfort such as financial quarters, tourist driven areas, etc. Meanwhile, motels are placed in rural areas near throughways such as suburban, cross country, etc. That is why motel is much cheaper in rate than a hotel; it is because of its less comfort than hotel. Motel is commonly chosen by low budget travelers.

    Those who choose staying in a hotel commonly need luxury whilst practically for those who stay in motels. Besides the comfort, hotels also give high end amenities such as swimming pool, restaurants, fitness center, Wi-Fi, and many more based on the hotel’s star ratings. Meanwhile, those who stay in motels have understood the hotel vs motel differences. However, they love the affordable rates even though they should stay in less amenities and services place.

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