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    Home or Away – Where to Take Your Holidays this Summer

    As summer approaches the lingering question is whether to travel abroad or stay at home. While staying at home may seem a little bit boring considering most people you might know may be travelling abroad for summer, sometimes it may be wise to stay on. Travelling abroad needs a lot of planning, extravagant accommodations, long queues and not forgetting the airline hassles. Sometimes rather than using the credit cards which is the same as spending money that you don’t actually have, it is better to cut on the cost and have some fabulous fun in the IL.

    a summer day at the beach
    Where to Take Your Holidays this Summeresther** / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

    You may be astonished to discover that you don’t even know your country so well, that you only hear or probably never heard of some of the beautiful attractions here in the UK.


    Take time to discover some unique holiday homes available in the UK: from the amazing West Usk Light House to the extraordinary converted wagons, the choice is yours to make.

    Enjoy staying in a simple boat house in the picturesque Bridgewater Marina in Manchester UK. You can the captain of your own and cruise the Bridgewater canal, exploring the scenic beauty of the surroundings of Salford all the way to Manchester. It is definitely a unique home away from home.

    If you think chocolate is the way to go, then the Chocolate Boutique Hotel is a superb place to spend your holiday. You not only to enjoy daily devilishly delicious chocolate, you also get to learn to prepare Belgian truffles by hand from raw chocolate ingredients.


    The West Coast of Scotland is surprisingly full of amazing discoveries: beautiful highlands, interesting islands, fresh sea food and stunning cultures.

    Explore the West Highland from stretching from Loch Linnhe and Ardnamurchan in the South to the Isle of Skye through Ullapool and finally to Durness. You will enjoy varied landscapes and winding coastal roads at some points exposing tiny villages and rugged coastlines. Along the way you will see the cascading waters of the Corrieshalloch Falls and hidden Smoo Caves. Stop off in some unique accommodation in Oban and enjoy the seaside nights and sampling some of the Scotch favourites!

    Enhance this experience by staying at luxury lodges along the coast, treating yourself to some of the finest Scottish hospitality.


    If in spite of all the UK has to offer you still want to head out abroad, then at least make sure you do it wisely. Cut on air fare with an affordable airline like Etihad Airways, and gain some valuable extra pounds to use to enrich your actual holiday experience.

    There are numerous travel sites on the net, do some research and compare prices of the different airlines before you make your bookings. Don’t just click on the first airline that comes out of the search, seek deeper and you will be surprised.

    Once you have booked your flight you need to report early to bag the best seat, remember budget flights normally do not assign seats so take advantage and turn up early.

    Before you take off abroad, plan early and pack your adaptor plugs, eye masks and travel cushions to avoid last minute buys at the airports, the prices are normally inflated.

    Some airlines especially budget ones do allow you to bring along some snacks, so avoid spending on airline foods and pack your own picnic bag and munch on them 30000 feet above the ground.

    Make sure you wear your heaviest clothes and boots to minimize weight on your luggage. Last but certainly not least, ensure your passport and travel documents are valid long before the set date; at least two weeks in advance.

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