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Hints and Tips for an Epic Stag Night

Hints and Tips for an Epic Stag Night

When it’s your mate’s last night of freedom, getting the details just right is kind of important. You may be tempted to wing it, but surely it’s better to kick your swarve, organised self into action, and start putting some bits and pieces together for your best bud.

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Epic Stag NightYersinia / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

First and foremost, getting the guys together can be easier said than done. Forget paper invites, and anything tangible that can potentially be used as a beer mat, or an ice ice-scraper for a windscreen. Instead, text who you can, message folks on Facebook, get your tweet on, and set up a Facebook event page. Pester people until you have confirmed numbers. It’s going to be epic, getting on their backs is completely necessary.

Once you’ve got a rough idea of numbers, visit travelodge.co.uk for great deals on group bookings. You want to keep the cost of your basics as low as possible to ensure everyone can afford your break away. It’s better to blow your budget on a night on the town, great food and entertainment, than on a bed and four walls that you’re never going to see.

Collect in cash for all the bits and bobs in instalments. Not only will this make sure you’re not left out of pocket, it’s an ongoing reminder of the event, and means that the chance of people backing out last minute will reduce significantly. PayPal is so handy, especially if you don’t want to dish out your bank details to everyone, and not all of the stag’s mates live close by.

Book your budget accommodation; Travelodge standard rooms can fit three adults to a room, which will cut the cost of the individual rate incredibly. When this is confirmed and paid up, arrange travel and group transport plans. Sharing lifts or booking group train packages are both cost effective options.

If you’re planning to eat out then reserving your table is a must. Think of it as less of a dinner date, than just a simple guarantee that you’re going to get seats for when you want to eat. Instead of just hitting the clubs, have a look online to see if there are stag rates on VIP rooms. Add a bit of class to your night on the razz.

Daytime debauchery should be just as action packed as your evening entertainment. Pick things to indulge in that the groom to be will love. Pick up on bits and pieces that he enjoys and try to find activities that fit in around this. From brewery tours and whisky tasting, to clay pigeon shooting and paintballing, there’s an activity out there to suit every stag.

Get the gang going today, and look online for your cheap group accommodation. Be sure to check with all other suppliers and venues for stag party offers and arrangements. It may be that you can save a small fortune, simply by adding a touch of charm to your tone.

Get your swag on, this is going to be a stag to remember.