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    Guide to Manila in the Philippines

    Go to the Philippines, and you will find Manila, a city in the heart of the country, overflowing with history and culture. The city having spent hundreds of years, the country regained its independence in the
    late 1800’s after a revolution, which was until the United States took the city a few years later. Again Manila earned its independence, shortly after World War II, the city located on the Island of Luzone, the city at first glance may look a little rough on the exterior, and with the turbulent history it might put some off the city. In its history there is a bit of everything, and along with the traffic and pollution this city is full of amazing people. As with any holiday, a bit of planning, will make it fun and worth every second.

    Preparing for a trip to Manila

    Leaving for Manila; make sure you have all your paper work sorted, as you will need your passport as you would for a normal holiday – but if you are visiting from anywhere other than the UK, Australia, Canada,
    or the US, you will need a Visa, and proof that you have a flight to return home already booked. Now for the fun part, vaccinations are a good idea – although not necessary. With Chloera being very common, it
    is advisable from the World Health Organisation to have a Typhoid vaccination, and even protect yourself from Malaria; talk to your Doctor about what they advise before travelling to Manila.

    Where to Stay When Visiting Manila

    Depending on your budget there are plenty of places for you to stay in the Philippines, each with services to meet almost your every need. From 3-star hotels to 5-star hotels ranging from $50 to anything past
    $300 you will find your own level of luxury. A popular hotel is the Dusit Thani Hotel Manila, which is suited for individual needs and for businesses. Included in the $150- $300 price is buffet breakfast,
    furnished rooms and if you fancy it, food in the hotel restaurant.

    Food in Manila

    When in a foreign country it is always nice to try new foods, in the Philippines, you’ll find a wide use of spices – but don’t forget to try all the tradition foods in local restaurants in the city. However
    if you aren’t so keen on the more exotic foods there will be traditional European style restaurants around as well. If you are feeling brave, try some native cuisine; Sinigang, a meat or fish dish, prepared with a sour broth, Kare-Kare a dish prepared with oxtail, stewed in peanut sauce, and can be served with shrimp paste known as bagoong. Try San Miguel the local beer, and well if you like your liquor try the Philippine rum, however there are other things on offer, fruits and rice dishes, so no matter your taste, and date of visit there will be something for you to try.

    What to do in Manila

    Whatever the reason for your trip, you must find time to explore this wonderful city, with incredible sites to see; it will be hard to pick one or two to see but they will certainly be worth it.
    Manila Cathedral for example, the fifth version from the original, due to being destroyed by fires, earthquakes and war.

    The National Museum of the Philippines – is also one to see, take a look at all the incredible history and culture of this country in one place.

    Another place worth a visit is Bahoy Tsinoy, an amazing museum telling the story of the relationship between China and the Philippines, looking at how the culture has impacted on one another over time.

    There is plenty to do and try in Manila; with everything sorted you will enjoy your stay whether it be for business or pleasure.

    Alan is a guest blogger who writes about backpacking holidays at http://backpackingholidays.org.uk/

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